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  • October 13th, 2017

    10 Reasons Why You Need to Be in the Crowd at 311

    Words by: Alexandra Miguel

    There aren’t many bands that bring the amount of energy and enthusiasm to their shows like 311. Groovy tunes, glorious vibes, and inspiring lyrics – this band knows how to keep their fans happy! Is 311 worth seeing live? Yes! But don’t take our word for it, hear it from the fans.

    1. “Trust me when I tell you it remains a band more than worth the price of admission”

    First time fans going to a 311 show, know this… it will always be a good time. Take it from Scott Tittrington of the Daily Herald. Tittrington only had basic knowledge of 311’s music before seeing them live, but when the show started, he was immediately hooked!

    2. “It’s amazing how fun a concert can be with the right setting and ambience”

    There’s no better feeling than being in a room filled with people as excited as you to see a show. Music Existence’s Charles Yozgott tells of his experience seeing the band he has loved for years. As a photographer, he was there to do a job, but he could not resist singing along to every word.

    3.“Fusing alt-rock, reggae, rap-rock and funk together”

    Emily Zemler of the Hollywood Reporter found that 311’s distinct sound is alluring. It draws you in, and dares you to stay for the ride. 311’s music is utterly unique in every sense of the word.

    4. “Almost every member of the crowd was totally into it, singing along with unbridled passion”

    There is nothing better than the whole crowd singing along together. A Punchland writer found that the enthusiasm between the band members and fans during her 311 show was contagious. The energy in their performance translated into their music, and giving every song an undeniable stamp of energy.

    5. “Jumps, thrashes his hair, plays the guitar and throws it into the air and catches it, and sings backup vocals with angst”

    One 311 concert goer, Gary Pahlow from the National Rock Review the band on top of their game at The Fillmore in Detroit, saying each of the members are unique performers in their own way. From throwing instruments into the air, getting into the crowd, and even break dancing, each member adds their own flare to the show.

    6. “311’s über-loyal fanbase is known to follow the band across the United States”

    Long-time fans of 311 are no strangers to the band’s dedicated fanbase. LAWeeekly’s Jena Ardell witnessed the devotion of 311’s diehard fans during her chosen show, seeing people rocking everything from signed band merch to 311 tattoos! She points out that many of the fans even follow the band on tour in hopes of catching their favorite songs or some rare surprises. With a fan base like that, the band is definitely doing something right.

    7. “Everyone had their lighters up, and I could see glowing spots of fire all around! It was a really awesome moment of my night”

    According to a 311 fan over at KROQ, people can expect a few things from the band from every show, such as a killer drum solo. However, this does not mean it is the same show every night. With 311, you really never know what you’re gonna get. The band leaves everyone on their toes, and always wanting more.

    8.“If you’ve got a chance to check out 311, you should make it a priority”

    Everyone can admit that they have a long list of artists they want to see live, but you can’t forget to put 311 at the top! Sean Murphy of Soundboard Magazine covered multiple 311 shows, making a point to say that the shows are always packed with lots of energy. The band never fails to make sure they keep the crowds immersed in their music, making them a must see.

    9. Every time you see one of their shows, it feels like it’s the first time

    No matter how many times you see these guys, the feels never go away, “In the end, had I not gone to this show and looked up the setlist the next day” Trevor Bosmans of Shows I Go To recounts, “I would have been one of the biggest regrets of my life. I have seen a lot of bands, but 311 is one band that never lets me down and continues to put on great shows night after night. There is never a dull moment at a 311 show and they always leave their fans satisfied at the end of the night, this is why I keep coming back to see them time and time again. I’m already excited for the next time they come to town.”

    10. Let the music do the talking!

    Check out 311’s new music video for “‘Till The City’s On Fire,” off their latest album MOSAIC. This song showcases the love between the band and fans, and we can’t wait to be part of the love on Monday, October 30! Don’t miss your chance to see them live!