Support The Capitol Theatre Family GoFundMe

Mar 22  / Sunday

Please consider a donation at the GoFundMe page created by one of our staff members. More info below:

Unfortunately, Coronavirus has hit our music community hard, leaving the majority of my colleagues and I without work and facing an uncertain future. I consider our staff and their families to be part of my family, so please join to help keep us afloat during this difficult time. Live music is where people unite and celebrate in a shared experience, and we have played a huge role in helping to create those special moments and lasting memories.

I can't wait for the day that we'll re-open our doors and we will gather together again to dance and sing and hug. Cherish the good times, and give back to those that need help the most. Until then, stay safe, and thank you for your consideration.

Peace and Love.

-Lauren Lonergan