Why String Cheese Incident Fans Love Keith Moseley, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Feb 05  / Tuesday

We all speak the universal language of String Cheese, but each zodiac sign expresses its love in different ways. In honor of Keith Moseley's birthday, here's why your sign can have a great influence on why you love The String Cheese Incident. Get your tickets now to see The String Cheese Incident play The Cap on May 25, 26 and 27.



Aries are known for being pioneers and trailblazers. As an Aries String Cheese fan, you are no exception and can be found traveling from Texas to lands end just to hear Keith’s joyful sound — his playing truly awakens your sense of adventure!



Tauruses are dedicated and loyal and the same can be said for any String Cheese fan. Outside and in, rain or shine, String Cheese fans often can’t wait another day to fulfill their love of cheese, and you see that same loyalty reflected back in Keith.



Geminis, the social sign, are known for their love of people. The same can be said for Keith and his fans, who are some of the most welcoming, accepting people out there. Good times are always around the bend when when String Cheese comes to town.



Cancers just want to help people, and Keith accomplishes that in spades with his music. When Keith’s jamming, one can’t help but smile at that Colorado bluebird sky.



It is said that Leos are known for having large groups of friends who adore them, and the same can be said for Keith. A bird’s eye view of a String Cheese show probably looks like the Valley of the Jig, with hundreds of fans dancing to Keith’s killer bass bombs.



Virgos are organized and capable, which is why they appreciate Keith’s style. Keith’s basslines flow seamlessly like schools of Jellyfish. Keith’s bass skills take fans to new places every time he takes the stage.



Libras, a sign that finds solace in the natural balance and harmony in the world, can easily find that solace in Keith’s heartwarming sounds. It’s hard not to look around while he’s playing and think, this must be the place.



Full of boldness and intensity hiding underneath a cool exterior, Scorpios are often misunderstood (or maybe born on the wrong planet). However, it is this dichotomy that makes them the perfect embodiment of Keith Moseley’s stage presence. Cool, collected, but ready to rock your socks off.



The ambitious and energetic sign, Sagittariuses can sometimes be like a restless wind. Although cool and collected, Keith would not be where he is today without the ambitious energy that drives him and his music, and as a Sag you love seeing that energy in him.



Capricorns are intelligent, determined, and persistent. They don’t let black clouds bring them down and won’t roll over for anyone. The same can be said for Keith and the rest of String Cheese, who every year throw one of the country’s most renowned music festivals, Electric Forest.



Aquariuses, the sign of Keith Moseley himself, are known for being intelligent but quirky. As previously said, this describes the String Cheese bassist almost to a tee, and that energy is also reflected in the rest of the band. String Cheese often throws well thought out and ever so unique New Year’s and Halloween performances.



Pisces are the dreamers and creatives of the zodiac, always in tune with the rhythm of the road. The same can be said for Keith who for years has filled our hearts and minds with beautiful and innovative music that will last lifetimes.


Thank You, Keith Moseley! Happy Birthday!