The Cap Celebrates Turning the Big 90 with Fan Messages and Memories

Aug 18  / Thursday

The Capitol Theatre, designed by famed architect Thomas Lamb, first opened its doors on Wednesday, August 18, 1926. Port Chester residents praised The Cap for its decorative beauty and luxurious comfort, and The Capitol Theatre became a place where memories were made and history was written. 90 years, cheers, and memories later, we're honored to still be a place where dreams come true. In honor of 90 awe-inspiring years, we asked fans to share some of their favorite moments from their time at The Cap. After reading your responses, we were reminded exactly why we do what we do.

1. "First concert 1971 at The Cap. Opening act was Yes followed by Humble Pie, headliner Black Sabbath. Came back this year to see Alice Cooper and Ringo. Best venue for a show." -Brian Rilley


2. "#CapTurns90 if we're turning 90, I have to bring it back to the 90s! The only show I saw at the old Cap...3rd Bass with A Tribe Called Quest"-Dave Engleman


3. "Ringing in the New Year with Philrad #CapTurns90"-Ruby Ackermann Engel


4. Meg V. Stankevich celebrating her dream wedding at The Cap


5. Lacey Rockelle saying "yes" on The Cap stage


6. "We spent this past New Year's Eve at the Cap with a fantastic show with Trombone Shorty!" -Mary Cody Edgerton


7. Katie Lynn spending quality time with friends at her favorite concert venue!


8. Lacey Rockelle's favorite thing about coming to The Cap is our world-class projection system


9. "There are so many memories as the Capitol Theatre has truly become our home away from home with such a beautiful extended family of great friends. Hell I've got the tattoos to prove my love of this magical and historical building." -Jerry Fecteau


10. "In October of 2014 I donated a kidney. I was layed out in my apartment, and not supposed to go out. It got to the point when I was going absolutely nuts. I had to get out, and since I lived only a mile away from The Cap, I knew where I was going to go. The Phil & Friends show was sold out, but I figured I would go wait at the box office in case tickets were release. They were, and walking into the Cap was like walking into my childhood living room, on Xmas eve, with a fire blazing. I immediately felt the warm blanket of comfort, love, and welcoming I needed. Faces of friends greeted me with smiles, and very gentle hugs (I was still very sore). I went to my usual spot on the floor, and was immediately surrounded by a circle a friends who made sure nobody bumped into me the entire show. It was that togetherness, and love, that I always felt when I walked into the Cap. It's that special feeling that you're where you're meant to be at that moment. The show was great, and it was just what I needed. What really sticks out though was Phil's donor rap. Of all the times I've seen him, this was when it first truly hit home. It was the moment when everything I was feeling leading up to and following the surgery came to the surface. A few friends put their hands on my shoulders and gave me hugs. I think it was that instant that I truly began to recover from the surgery and the ordeal surrounding it. All of this was made possible by the magic of the Cap. The feeling that we are all part of a special club, a live music family, that always smiles when we see each other. It's that sense of "We're all here together, for the same reason. You can leave your worries at the door". The Cap is my home away from home." -Daniel Keats Buompane


11. Kevin and Pammie Fecteau will never forget the time they won the ultimate Phil Lesh & Friends prize from!


12. "MAY 3, 2014 Umbowl V at The Cap. My first Cap show, and it was my birthday at midnight that night... The first night of a 2 year adventure that is still going strong today!" -Charlie McGwire


13. "So many great experiences here. This started it all and cemented The Cap as a jam band rock palace. The 2nd show after the re-opening, a Headcount benefit featuring Bobby Weir, Grace Potter, Warren Haynes, Trey Anastasio and The Roots. That Whipping Post finale, wow!" -Rob Schmidt


14. "#CapTurns90 Debut of Garcia's" -Howard Horder


15. "10/30/15 Phil & Levon. A precious moment. Dead through the generations." -Helen van Tol-Bettino


16. You can't always get what you want, but head usher, Brian Lynch, got exactly what he needed when The Rolling Stones came to The Cap in 1997!


17. " 02/25/2016 - NYPD Superman Benefit Concert at The Cap. [A benefit concert will be held in Westchester County for the family of fallen NYPD detective Joseph Lemm, who died during a suicide bombing in Afghanistan] Joe lived in Westchester, too. After working in NYC, I got off the train in Port Chester, to see the whole block closed off and a huge American flag on the street in front of The Cap. This concert was amazing! It felt to me like the Concert For NY after Sept 11, held at MSG...but our own Westchester County version. I have so many great memories of concerts at The Cap, but this benefit was extra special, showing how much The Cap gives back to the community. #CapTurns90" -Dave Engleman 13934966_10209278490736735_1657275552418920170_n

18. "Making Birthday cards for Phil Lesh on March 15, 2016 with Jack Baribault!! Even more fun seeing Phil play the next two nights! Being part of The Cap/Garcia's Street Team has been a really great experience too!" -Lisa Horder

19. "Iggy April 2016" -Jeff Vidakovich 14067465_10210162364760199_5354364839427430629_n

20. "Who remembers seeing movies here?" -Fred Sanford large

21. "Citizen cope" -Stacy Abrams 13912465_10154465338243417_2101959636243642171_n

22. "Phil Lesh and Friends playing Bertha!" -Chris Bolan 13920907_1218244211539685_5907366654634939352_n