reCAP :: Ween :: 2016.11.27

Nov 28  / Monday
Words by Kelley Lauginiger Photos by Geoff Tischman P1220760 Last night we witnessed history as Ween took a bow, closing out the final live show of their comeback year at The Cap. In the year of 2016 replete with so much overall loss, especially in the music world, the Boognish has been reborn and is thriving like a pulsating Beacon Light. Sunday's setlist included a slew of fan favorites including a killer opening “Buckingham Green,” “Final Alarm,” “The Argus,” “Licking the Palm for Guava,” “Play it Off Legit,” “Fluffy,” and “Bananas & Blow,” which featured tropical-inspired yellow lighting that illuminated the theatre to the sing-songy beats of the chorus with palm trees and digital-sunshine. DSC07804 Classic favorite “Pollo Asado,” brought out the podium, giving lots of first time Ween-goers a quick explanation from the hardcore fans all over the room, geeking out that this was happening and happy to share. So rarely does Gene address the crowd with anecdotes these days, however on the last night of your comeback year, even the most professional Papa got a bit sentimental. He told a story about how they were so poor they had a job rolling burritos til four in the morning, and a guy came in all the time who was a fencer. As inspiration for the silly ditty, “Pollo Asado,” we salute you, Fencing Man. Gener jumped on the megaphone for a series of songs in the middle of the show across “Licking the Palm for Guava,” and “Mushroom Festival in Hell,” and also joined Claude on the kit for cowbell throughout “Put the Coke on my Dick.” Dave reigned supreme engaging with Gene and Mickey on guitar in a strings jam through “Wavin' My Dick in the Wind” into “Stroker Ace,” giving some drive and variety to the already eclectic and ideal setlist. Earlier in the show, the band introduced their song “Stay Forever” as one many Ween fans use at their weddings. The night's theme was definitely full of love, as not only did they touch on the crowd-pleasers and classics, but they also played some of their sexiest songs in the repertoire from “Voodoo Lady” (African version/ slowed down to half speed), to a 24-year-gap bust-out of “Mango Woman” that glistened the room in reggaeton regalia, and a sexuality carved by not only the song itself, but the decades of chasing that so many fans have endured to get to this one, special moment that no one ever could have expected. In saving the best for last, Ween dropped their rare Prince-inspired sexual salute, “LMYLP” as a waning metaphor for all things oral: some parts gratitude, definitely some pleasure, and perhaps that they're just warming us up. P1220760 Last night Ween offered their fans a barage of goodies for sticking it out with them: over their groundbreaking career, over this past year after their hiatus, and even over these unforgettable three days at The Cap. This may have been Ween's first visit to Port Chester, but we hope it won't be their last.             Setlist Buckingham Green Bananas & Blow Beacon Light Stay Forever The Stallion Part 1 You Fucked Up I Can't Put My Finger On It Voodoo Lady (African Version) The Argus She Wanted To Leave Wavin' My Dick In The Wind Stroker Ace Japanese Cowboy Did You See Me Mutilated Lips Homo Rainbow Licking The Palm For Guava-> Mushroom Festival In Hell Play It Off Legit "Gener tells fenser story" Pollo Asado "Deaner Intos The Band" Ice Castles-> The Final Alarm Put The Coke On My Dick I Don't Want It Mango Woman Up On The Hill Fluffy ENCORE: L.M.L.Y.P.

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