reCAP :: Third Eye Blind :: 2017.10.07

Oct 10  / Tuesday
Words by Tyler Galasso Photos by Scott Harris “I’ve been told The Capitol for some reason, this is one of the best theaters in America. I don’t know what it is but this place has got the vibes.” -Stephan Jenkins You could tell from the lines on Westchester Ave that this was going to be a special night at The Cap. The sold out crowd was eating it up, with the patrons singing along to every note, in every song, from the hits to the deep cuts. The show opened with “Back to Zero” and the hunger of the eager crowd was satisfied quickly. The band was on fire taking the crowd through a trip of their discography without even coming up for air. The first portion of the show featured songs like “Narcolepsy,” “Faster,” “Wounded,” the new track “Company of Strangers,” and one of their most notable songs “Semi-Charmed Life,” which was one of the highlights of the show. Stephan Jenkins had the crowd right where he wanted them, and he brought his acoustic guitar on stage to treat the crowd to an intimate acoustic experience that started with “Slow Motion." One of the highlights of the show was when Jenkins gave the fans the opportunity to pick between “How’s it Going to Be” or “Why Can’t You Be." Stephan wanted to play the latter, but the reaction for “How’s it Going to Be” was so warm that he said he’d play both on the condition that the crowd supplied the vocals... and that they did! Third Eye Blind, featuring Jenkins on lead vocals, Kryz Reid on guitar, Alex Kopp on keyboards, Alex LeCavalier on bass, and 22 year 3EB veteran Brad Hargreaves on drums, shared an undeniable chemistry, feeding off each other and the crowd to create an infectious and positive sound. The good vibes were flowing throughout the whole evening! The last portion of the show featured hit songs like “Motorcycle Drive By” and “Jumper." The encore consisted of “Never Let You Go” and “God of Wine,” more crowd favorites that elicit a warm round of applause. Third Eye Blind gave the audience just what they needed, a great show! It was the kind of show that reminds us why we love live music!

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