reCAP :: Silversun Pickups :: 2013.06.27

Aug 05  / Monday
Written by: Jon Chattman // Photos by: Dino Perucci 10592325914_eba83a2a0d_oIn arguably the best double bill since, well, Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 and quite easily Grindhouse, Silversun Pickups burned through their hits with rip-roaring authority at The Cap this week while opener Mona more than held their own. Opening acts can often be a mixed bag — a crap shoot if you will — but the Nashville quartet drew the crowd in from the second they blasted on stage with their authentic rock tracks off their self-titled debut and recently released follow-up Torches and Pitchforks. By the time the band wrapped up their 40-minute set, the crowd was puddy in frontman Nick Brown's hand — mouthing lyrics to songs they new, and even those they didn't. Once Silversun hit the stage, the place went Lindsay Lohan nuts. Frontman Brian Aubert's haunting vocals often get compared to Billy Corgan's but it's not fair. Nothing against the bald alt-rock god, but the Aubert's range and powerful voice stand on its own merits. During a roughly hour-and-a-half set, the band served PEDs for the ears with rip-roaring tracks from their breakout full-length debut Carnavas, its follow-up Swoon, and last year's Neck of the Woods. 10592326004_909ebd014b_oAubert's voice and shredding really raised to such great heights, in particular, on hits like "Panic Switch," "The Royal We," and breakthrough first single "Lazy Eye." Meanwhile, bassist Nikki Monninger returned from her maternity leave, and wore a grin on her face stage-wide during and following every asskicking number. Between Silversun and Mona, that large smile was shared with every single fan in the near-sold out Cap pack.

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