reCap :: God Street Wine :: 2013.08.03

Aug 03  / Saturday
Written by: Bill Clifford Photos by: Geoffrey Tischman 10592129415_6608c6271d_bEntering The Capitol Theater on Saturday night, a thick aroma of patchouli lingered in the air. Ever since it’s renovation and fall 2012 re-opening, the iconic Port Chester theater has been home for a number of bands and musicians who draw from the well of the tie-dyed hippie crowd. A good number of those bands that are performing at the theater now had performed here years ago, before the latest renovation. On Saturday night, a reunited God Street Wine, a New York City based jamband from the ‘90s, was back in the venue for the first time in 18 years. The band dissolved in 1999, with members going their separate ways, but came together in 2010 for two shows, with proceeds benefiting the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and they’ve been performing sporadically since then. The history of the band was certainly reflected demographically in the crowd, with most of us ranging in the mid-thirties to upper-forties range, give or take. However, that’s not to say it was a staid crowd, as at various points throughout the two-set performance, individuals spun off into twirls and shimmies and shakes in reaction to any given song. 10592164934_72f9a51825_bThere was irony to be found in the opening song, “Epilogue,” as it’s safe to say that this was hardly the end of anything for this band. But the band did reach deep into their catalog for classic GSW tunes such as “Cheep Utah Blues” and “Molly.” The second set saw the 6-piece band augmented by guests, John Kadlecik (Dark Star Orchestra, Furthur, and Phil Lesh & Friends) on guitar and vocalist Lissy Barnes, and the octet rocked through classic GSW nuggets such as “Hello Stranger” and “Fortress of Solitude,” and closed the set with one of the bands most beloved tunes, “Borderline,” enticing the crowd to sing-along on the chorus, and encoring with another favorite, “Goodnight Gretchen.” Without question, God Street Wine is sounding better than they ever have, and though they only perform sporadically now, if Saturday night was any indication, fans will be thrilled to welcome the band back to the Capitol Theater.

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