reCAP :: Drive-By Truckers :: 2013.03.15

Mar 18  / Monday

Written by: Meredith Berke
Photos by: Allison Murphy

Drive-By Truckers drove through The Capitol Theatre including an hour long encore.

Drive-By-Truckers came to The Capitol Theatre last night for a rousing two-and-a-half hour set. This band has gone through multiple iterations throughout the last five years or so, and now the group is touring to show their fans how they have morphed into a new five-piece band, with the recent departure of John Neff.

The new band now consists of: Patterson Hood (guitar, vocals, bass), Mike Cooley (guitar, vocals, bass), Brad Morgan (drums), Jay Gonzalez (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Mike Patton (bass), the newest member who genuinely looked thrilled to be playing with the band.

Patterson Hood is a great storyteller, and most of their songs are strong lyrical stories, and their southern guitar riffs are just as strong. Mike Cooley has a voice similar to Tom Petty, bringing the southern charm straight and front when you listen and see this band.

After the first couple songs, Patterson Hood gave some love to The Cap, saying, “It’s so great to be here, this theater really lives up to all the hype and we’re psyched to be here.”

<The highlight was the almost hour-long encore. The crowd chanted “DBT, DBT, DBT,” for about five minutes before the band came back on stage. Songs included: “The Night GG Allin Came To Town,” “Let There Be Rock,” “Shut Up and Get On The Plane,” and ending the night with “Angels and Fuselage.” The look of absolute bliss went over the crowd as the encore continued to move from song to song, minute by minute.

Cooley brought out his Flying V guitar on “Shut Up and Get On The Plane,” and there is a slight Buddy Holly charm to this song. They ended with “Angels and Fuselage,” with the whole crowd singing along. By the end, each member slowly left the stage alone, but not before Hood finished his solo by hitting his guitar with a black towel, and Gonzalez on his knees, next to the Hammond B3, creating feedback. It was a hauntingly beautiful way to end the show. Everyone who was at The Cap seemed to be genuinely thrilled with the newest iteration of The Drive By Truckers, and was ready to hear more.



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Photos by: Allison Murphy

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