reCAP :: Chazz Palminteri: A Bronx Tale :: 2014.06.07

June 09  / Monday
Written By: Suzanne Rothberg Photos by: Greg Notch Chazz Palminteri

As a local resident of Port Chester and a regular patron of The Capitol Theatre this is my first blog on The Squirrel. Mr. Palminteri pulled off an impressive live rendition of his classic story filled with humor and grace. It wasn't completely sold out but still obtained a large audience.

The projector displayed old images of the Bronx bouncing off the walls; which has a better view sitting in the balcony. Mr. Palminteri, a Bedford resident performed the show last year back by popular demand. In Mr. Palminteri's one-man act, he tells the tale of his relationship with his friends who are gangsters, and his unique relationship with his friend, Sonny and life with his family living in the Bronx where Palminteri grew up. I think he’s a fine actor and an amusing storyteller. It was great to see him perform his famous story on The Capitol Theatre stage.

Chazz Palminteri

The best part of the show was when he told the audience about the famous ‘door test’ where one of the characters suggests that this is a way to tell if a girl is ‘marriage material.’ His true love, Jane, who was black and against his father’s wishes he wanted his son to go after their own kind, but he broke the barriers against all odds and followed his heart. Jane turned out to be marriage material after he tried the test on her! He also told the audience some tales about hanging out on the street corners of E.187 Street and Belmont Avenue, and the guy who used to call everyone ‘Mary’ and they sung doo-wop harmonies and hung out at local bars. He lived in a dangerous neighborhood filled with violence, rage and hilarious escapades.

The audience seemed to enjoy the live version and there was plenty of laughter bursting throughout the night. Perhaps there will be a sequel in the works to ‘A Bronx Tale’ in film or on Broadway.





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