reCap :: B.B. King :: 2013.04.11

Apr 15  / Monday

Written by: Charles Rosenberg
Photos by: Joe Papeo


B.B. King accelerated the pace in his 87th year with us. God Bless The King! Backed by a full band; horns, keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums, Mr. King has never been more vibrant. Aside from age relegating him to sitting throughout the hour and a half set, the man's hands sizzle slowly over the frets.

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Of course, no B.B. King show is without anecdotes, and Mr. King sprinkled a few to spice up the proceedings. "Everyday I Have The Blues" and "Rock Me Baby" demonstrated how Mr. King creates tension between the notes. Carefully picked and held, every note is true, exponentially elongated only as he can."

A nod to the traditional played out with "You Are My Sunshine," cajoling the audience into a sing-along kiss along suite of sweetness. However, it is the sincerity of spirit that permeated the song that imbued it with a singular specialness, veering from the trite into the memorable.

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Mr. King presented rousing renditions of "The Thill is Gone" and "When Love Came to Town" while rocking the house. And the vocals: the ostentatious growl — You get it all, still… …a paradigm of tightness that resonates within.

Legend, icon, giant — all used regularly to describe B.B. King. But it is this what sets the man apart with his talents and music: HEART. It is truly larger than life and continues to beat strongly in him, for us, as ONE.




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Photos by: Joe Papeo

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