Introducing The MicroCap! Revolutionary New Ticketing Technology Coming Soon

Apr 01  / Monday

Tired of missing out on tickets? Always forgetting your tickets at home? We're excited to get you to the show without worry and hassle. Starting in May of 2019, The Cap will offer microchipped tickets! We're staying ahead of the game with this groundbreaking new technology. The revolutionary microchip will be safely implanted in the user's hand in the web between the thumb and the index finger and will come with an app that will allow you to purchase tickets to any upcoming shows, along with access to exclusive pre-sales, and the option to purchase beverages and snacks! All it takes is a simple scan! Let's go through all the reasons why this revolutionary idea will change the ticketing world as we know it.


1. Easy ticket purchasing:

Never miss your favorite band again! The MicroCap app allows you to easily purchase your tickets before the general public to any shows at The Cap, right from the app!

2. Avoid long lines:

The microchip will allow people attending the show to quickly scan their hand at the door, resulting in quicker lines and shorter wait times.

3. Choose any seat within the app:

The app will allow you to easily choose your seat on the venue map, including balcony seating, loge, orchestra or general admission.

4. Easy food/drink purchasing:

The app lets you skip the line and pre-order so you can easily get your food and drinks whenever you want it! Just enter your credit card info into the app and easily make all your purchases with your hand. GPS tracking is included in your chip, so we'll bring your order right to you.

5. Purchase all your favorite merch:

The MicroCap app will allow you to easily scan your hand and purchase all of your favorite Cap merchandise.

6. Paperless! #SaveTheTrees:

Save the squirrels and the trees they call home.

7. Push notifications for both your phone and chip:

Be the first to know when a new show at The Cap is announced or when tickets go on sale. The MicroCap will buzz to notify you of the new show and you'll get the information sent directly to the app. Sleeping during an onsale? No problem! The vibration from the chip will be enough to calmly wake you up from your sleep so you can purchase your tickets!

8. GPS Tracking:

The app will track your location so The Cap will know where you are at all times. This type of data will help us gather information about you so we can serve you with ads that you really care about. Now your Cap family knows exactly where you are and what you’re doing!

9. Free Incisions:

We're offering FREE incisions during the entire month of May! The chips will be shaped as acorns to represent our Squirrel mascot.

10. Want to get hyped for the show you're attending?

The chip will curate a playlist for you to play throughout the day of your show. For an extra $100, we can implant another chip directly in your ear. Who needs a speaker when you've got The MicroCap? FAQ

1. Was the technology designed by humans or squirrels?

The technology was designed by highly trained squirrels who are committed to saving trees and the world through live music.

2. Can I still use paper tickets to attend the shows?

By 2020, microchip ticketing will be the only way to enter shows at The Cap!

3. Will the GPS be tracking us everywhere we go?

Absolutely, we like to know what our customers are up to at all times.

4. Will the vibrating notifications be negative for my health?

The Cap only believes in positive vibrations.

5. Will there be a way to transfer tickets?

Just a simple high five with another chip holder and and your tickets are transferred!

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