5 Pictures That Explain What Jason Hann is Really Thinking About

Dec 06  / Tuesday

Happy Birthday, Jason Hann! It's rare to see String Cheese Incident percussionist Jason Hann without a look of purpose, determination, enjoyment, and downright happiness on his face. Hann always has a big grin as he thinks about... well... WHAT is he really thinking about?

1. Kyle Hollingsworth's hat

This hat is just fabulous. See this hat. Know this hat. Remember this hat.

2. Puppies and kittens

Why are puppies and kittens so damn cute? kittys

3. Colorado

Colorado bluebird sky! colorado

4. Michael Kang

Kang, Michael Kang. michael_kang

5. String Cheese

Can there BE a better CHEESE? stringcheese