5 of the Best Questions to Understand Marcus King

Mar 01  / Tuesday

Garcia’s “Playing in the Band” is a chance to get up close and personal with our performers like never before. Come for the conversation, stay for the education, and leave with a message. We’ll see you at the show! The Marcus King Band plays Garcia's on Friday, March 4.

1. Marcus, you say that you knew you were born to play the guitar since you were seven. Tell us about the first guitar you ever played.

Since I was able to walk I felt an attraction toward the guitar and music in general. The first guitar I had was a miniature Les Paul, which I still own. That guitar opened my mind to the idea that music was what my life would be based around.


2. “I Won’t Be Here” is the most listened to song on your album according to iTunes. It is a tale of heartbreak and moving on, and sung so passionately. What is the story behind the lyrics?

Initially titled "I'll Be Right Here," the song seemed too predictable to me. I spoke to a female singer/songwriter friend of mine and she suggested I re-write the lyrics to be about her. To tell a story to the one I once loved, about why I've moved on, and to speak of my current muse. I'm always thankful for that advice.


3. On of your influences is the Allman Brothers Band, and you recently played Duane Allman's guitar in a video for Guitar Player magazine. Did you know Duane Allman played The Cap with the Allmans in 1970? What's it like to know you'll be playing in the same building?

Playing Duane Allman's gold top was a spiritual experience, I was breathless. Duane Allman, among my father and many others, lit a fire underneath me that couldn't be put out. When you walk through the Capitol Theatre you can feel the presence of all the music that's been made there. All of it falls on you in an overwhelming sense of joy. I look forward to coming back.


4. Did you know Garcia’s is named in honor of Jerry Garcia? Do you listen to Jerry? If so, do you use any inspiration from his music in your own music?

The first time I visited The Capitol Theatre I was told about it being one of Jerry's favorite venues to play. His unique sound and approach towards music certainly influenced my playing as well as the way I think about music. His pedal steel playing was certainly helpful in encouraging me to play the instrument.


5. Blues music comes from a long tradition of story telling. At such a young age, what type of experiences have you had that help you write such meaningful and expressive lyrics?

Blues music has always sang to my ear in a different way. I've always expressed my emotions through music, and that's what the blues is. Duane Allman said it best when he talked about turning your hurt into something beautiful for your fellow man to hear. A lot of what we try to convey to anyone that will listen is that internalizing your pain doesn't make it go away, it's important to channel those emotions into something positive.