10 Ways Music Improves Your Life

July 23  / Thursday

10 Ways Music Improves Your Life

There's no greater tool for self-improvement than music. Music can relieve stress, decrease blood pressure, increase productivity, and even improve your IQ. Let's face it, if there's one thing we can agree on, it's that music makes life better. Music, it's just what the doctor ordered.

1. Music makes the pain fade.

People always tell us that music can heal. Research is beginning to heavily focus on how music can act as medicine and reduce the pain of patients. University of Alberta publisheded a study that proved that children who listened to music, as opposed to those that didn’t, felt less pain after a procedure! Click here to continue reading about the benefits of music as pain therapy. List1

2. Music can relax you.

According to the American Psychological Association, the most effective stress-relief strategies include listening to music. So when you're feeling stressed, turn up the volume, sit back, and let music work its magic on you. Check out the various ways the APA found music can relax you over here. List2

3. Your heart loves music.

There’s nothing like a good song to warm up your heart, and scientific research proves that there's more too music than great lyrics and melodies. The University of Maryland Medical Center publisheded a report explaining how music can increase blood flow which allows your entire cardiovascular system to run smoothly! Who wouldn’t want that? Find out more about the cardiovascular benefits of music. List#3

4. Music makes you a better person.

The University of Cambridge has developed research proving how music can indeed help people better themselves. Specifically, they found that children who make music together are becoming more compassionate and gaining a key component of emotional intelligence. So give it a try, we can almost guarantee that you'll see positive results. Click here read up on the benefits of making music with friends. List4

5. Music is therapy.

Can music really lift our spirits? A study conducted on the effects of music on cancer patients is suggesting that music can benefit the patient and serve as a coping method. Different types of music will have different outcomes on each individual depending on his or her characteristics. If you’re feeling down and need a pick me up, turn to music as a coping method! Read more about the benefits for cancer patients who grooved to everything from nature sounds to gospel to heavy metal. List5

6. Start 'em young. Music helps newborn development.

Ever wonder if music is truly helpful for newborns? Well, Beth Israel has conducted research proving that music can indeed benefit newborn development. How does it help? Music exposure results in the benefits of lowered heart rate, improved sleep, and heightened moments of quiet alertness! It’s also beneficial to sing songs to the newborn with family ties to create better bonds. Click here to read more about how live music can stimulate development of newborn babies. List6

7. Music makes you happy.

Is something getting you down? Listen to your favorite feel-good tune and your mood can go from sad to glad! University of Missouri discovered that cheery music can help you become happier! Check out more here about the potential benefits of listening to cheerful tunes. List7

8. Sing it loud and sing it proud! Singing increases happiness.

Have you ever wondered why people singing together look so happy? Well, singing with a group can increase one’s happiness! Scientifically, it has been proven, that singing with a group releases oxytocin, a chemical that helps with anxiety and stress. So if you ever get bored of belting in the shower and you’re feeling confident, join a singing group and enjoy the benefits it has to offer! More info here on the benefits of going out and joining your local choir. List8

9. Music brings people together.

When people have something that unites them, a bond is formed, even when you’re around strangers. That's why you feel strangely close to people you meet at a concert, festival or even a stranger on the street you see wearing your favorite band's t-shirt! List9

10. Music saves lives. Really, it does.

Ever been in a situation where someone was in need of CPR but you didn’t know the correct speed for the job at hand? Well, next time have no fear and keep the song “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees in your head. Dr. John Hafner of the University of Illinois College of Medicine uses this trick to perfect the 100 compression procedure. For this doctor, and many others using this trick, music is literally saving people’s lives. Click here for more about this study. List10 And if you're in the mood for a good laugh, click here