10 Reasons Why You Should Make Going to More Concerts Your New Year's Resolution

Jan 01  / Sunday

When the madness of life’s daily grind surrounds you, it’s easy to lose sight of how magical life can be. This year we think it’s important to take some time to focus on yourself, and what’s really important. What better way to that, than to have experiences that will last a lifetime? That’s where live music steps in.

1. Sharing music is one of the strongest bonds between friends

Have you met some of your best friends through music? There’s just something about a shared love for a band that brings people together like nothing else. Going to concerts can be a deeply personal and emotional experience, and those wonderful moments of vulnerability make friendships stronger.


2. Concerts give you the chance to truly be yourself

Concerts are a judgement free zone. How many situations and places in life can you truly be yourself? At a concert, you’re surrounded by people who are just like you, and that’s the biggest breath of fresh air you can take.


3. The memories will last a lifetime

Although the concert you attend may only last a few hours, the memories you make will last a lifetime. Experiencing music live is not something you can physically hold in your hand, but you can feel its effects forever. Music enters your heart and soul, and leaves you with the memory of how it felt.


4. The energy of a live music experience

When that wave of excitement hits you, it feels like a current is flowing through you from your head to your toes, setting your soul aflame. The feeling is electric, beautiful, and connects you to strangers and friends alike. Experiencing the vast amount of positive energy filling a venue puts you in high spirits that can not be replicated.


5. The “moment”

If you’ve ever gone to a concert, you know what we’re talking about. If you yet to experience the “moment,” we urge you to stop what you’re doing, buy a ticket, and get in the pit. When the stars are aligned, it's like your life has led you up to this point in time, for this glorious feeling of being alive, being you, and being on the planet to experience THIS.


6. Music is good for your health

“Music is the medicine of the mind.” Research says people who go to more concerts are happier and healthier than people who don’t. Music has been shown to decrease the release of stress hormones and pain relief by releasing endorphins, neurotransmitters that block pain. Music is not only good for your health, but it’s good for your mind. Studies have shown that people who attend more concerts have a greater sense of well-being than people who don’t.


7. Concerts spread a sense of community

Concerts are a bonding experience, and can bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together peacefully. No matter where you come from, once you walk through those venue doors everyone surrounding you is there for the same reason. Even at a sold out show, the feeling of connection is overwhelming. You just can’t get that same feeling many other places.


8. Oh, the stories you can tell

Life is all about making memories and having experiences to share. Some of the best memories to share are ones surrounded by music. Whether it was your first concert, your first music festival, or the best show you’ve ever seen, you'll have a story to tell that few others do. The crazy sold out nights, low-key acoustic sets, and once-in-a-lifetime rare musical moments will provide great stories to tell. No one can take them away from you.


9. Discovery

One of the greatest things about music is the vast amount of options that you have. The glass is never full when it comes to discovering new music. There’s something for every taste, mood, and experience. Next time your local bar has live music playing, go check it out. You may not only discover a new favorite band, but you’ll discover some things about yourself along the say. Never say no to live music.


10. Because life's too short to be anything but happy

Nuff said.