10 Reasons Why Squirrels Are the Rock Stars of the Animal Kingdom

Jan 21  / Saturday

At The Capitol Theatre squirrels are our mascots, decorating the inside of the theater. They rock out with the musicians and have been dedicated fans, seeing every show! These little critters definitely know how to have fun. Here’s some reasons why we think squirrels are the rock stars of the animal kingdom.

1. Squirrels come in various shapes and sizes

Did you know there are 265 species of squirrel? The smallest squirrel is the African Pygmy squirrel, while the largest is the Indian Giant squirrel. Their different shapes and sizes remind us that they are just like musicians with their different sounds and styles!

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2. Trust is one of the most important pillars of any successful band

Squirrels are one of the most trusting animals of the animal kingdom, they’ll most likely eat out of your hand. Musicians need to trust each other, and they also need to trust their listeners. We put our faith into musicians to perform excellent shows and carry the energy throughout a performance!


3. Squirrels are highly intelligent and creative

These creatures are super smart, they often have specific hiding spots for nuts and even pretend to hide food to throw off other animals! Our favorite rock stars are intelligent and well-versed in their styles, always creating new ways to entertain their fans.


4. Squirrels enjoy the finer things in life

Just like every rock star, squirrels appreciate comfort and warmth in their green rooms. Tree-dwelling squirrels create “dreys,” which are decorated with grass, moss, bark, and feathers; creating a cozy and stylish hang out.


5. Masters of communication

Squirrels are masters of communication. They communicate with one another using various pitches of vocalisations. Have you ever seen a band jam on stage and communicate solely with each other through pitches and instruments?


6. Some squirrels soar above the clouds like the sky high jams of our favorite rockers

We can’t forget about flying squirrels! Did you know flying squirrels don’t really fly at all, but actually glide? Many of our favorite musicians really know how to glide across the guitar to create killer sounds for their fans!


7. Squirrels are spirit animals

In the Native American culture, squirrels represent preparation and trust. Successful musicians rely heavily on preparation and practice - that’s what makes their performances stand out above the rest.


8. They adapt easily to their surroundings

Tree squirrels can adapt quickly - ranging from woodlands to city parks. From large festivals to small venues, in the sweltering heat, or in a spontaneous downpour, rock stars don’t discriminate - they just want to make music!


9. Squirrels are constantly growing

Squirrel’s teeth never stop growing, even after maturity, so they have to gnaw on trees daily to stay healthy. Just like squirrels, musicians are constantly growing and developing their unique styles! Their abilities to grow with changing times and create different sounds is a key factor to being a rock star.


10. Making way for the future

Squirrel’s should be appreciated for their contribution towards growing trees in many of our forests. Sometimes they forget where they’ve hidden a nut, which results in a seed sprouting! Many musicians unknowingly plant seeds in minds of others and the rising generations, encouraging musical inspiration and curiosity!