10 Reasons Why Squirrels are the Music Nuts of the Animal Kingdom

Jan 21  / Sunday
Words by: Olivia Viana Today we're celebrating all of the bushy-tailed little nut-gatherers of the world! It's no secret that we love squirrels over here at The Cap. Not only are they our loyal mascot, they're also funny, wild, and not afraid to be themselves. Truth be told, they're a lot like us and our fellow music fans. To celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day, here's a look at why squirrels are just like us... music nuts!

1. Squirrels are all over the place

Squirrels are everywhere! There are more than 200 species of the little critters throughout the world. From trees to city skyscrapers to handmade birdhouses, they're everywhere, and you can't escape them. Just like music fans, squirrels are everywhere, and connections can happen in unexpected ways.

2. They're not afraid to live on the wild side

These spunky critters spend their day outsmarting hungry hawks, goofing around, and searching for food. Just like a hardcore music fans seaching for a ticket to a sold out show, if a squirrel wants something, it goes out and gets it, and doesn't let anyone get in their way.

3. They can be a little loud at times

Live music fans aren't the only ones who scream, shout, and stomp their feet. Squirrels may be a tad more vocal than what they seem. But we don't mind. In fact, we're joining in with them.

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4. They stick together and look out for each other

Squirrels are loyal to their buddies and keep an eye out for each other, especially when times get tough. If it seems like something's going wrong, or, better yet, there's some delicious acorns nearby, they let out a loud whistle to give their friends the heads up. Ever go the extra mile to let a concert buddy know when a show's about to sell out? Kind of like that.

5. They hoard their belongings in secret places

Much like we music fans do with our precious concert tickets merch, and posters, squirrels are incredibly inventive when it comes to keeping their food stashes safe. You could call them hoarders, but only to a healthy extent.

6. Sometimes they can be tricksters

More than just finding nifty hiding spots for their acorns, squirrels also protect their belongings from potential thieves by tricking them completely. If you catch a squirrel digging a hole and putting a nut there for safekeeping, think again; he might be tricking you.

7. They can adapt to any situation life throws their way

Part of the reason why they can live just about anywhere is that they are so adaptable, and nothing really throws them for a loop. When we've got good music at our side, we can handle just about anything. Long car rides to the concert? No problem. Showing up without a ticket? We've got this. With a positive attitude and plenty of dedication, concertgoers figure their way into the show!

8. Sometimes they want to do nothing else but sleep in

Rocking out all night gives us ample reason to sleep in, at least in our minds. Squirrels join in sometimes when the winter comes along, shutting their eyes until they're ready to rock out some more.

9. They have abilities that some would say are superpowers

Gliding through the sky and using their tails as parachutes are the very definition of superpower ability. If you see someone parachuting nearby, they might be on their way to grab some tickets or catch a show. Live music lovers like ourselves somehow have the ability to spend almost every night at a concert. How are we alive and functioning to go to a show tonight? SUPERPOWERS!

10. They're a bit nuts

"We're like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice."-Jerry Garcia Squirrels like their acorns just as much as we like our groovy tunes. Not everyone gets it, but that's okay. We're all a little nuts together, and we're loving it each and everyday.