• 149 WESTCHESTER AVENUE, PORT CHESTER, NY 10573-4549 · (914) 937-4126

  • March 15th, 2018

    What Makes Garcia’s So Special?

    Live music has been embedded in American culture for generations. There are thousands of small clubs scattered throughout the country, tucked into urban and rural environments alike – each one with its own character and charm. These stages act as musical proving grounds for bands that are ready to take their music to the next level. They provide intimate settings that are raw and sometimes unforgiving, which are monumental during the formative years of a band. We’re beyond grateful that they exist, so it’s vital that we support them. From New York to California, these are the venues that keep the spirit of live music alive.

    Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre encompasses the exact notion that I’m describing. The small club (attached to the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY) boasts a unique personality that cannot be faked or recreated. Owned by Pete Shapiro and Trixie Garcia (the daughter of the late Jerry Garcia), the brick walls are filled with rare photos of Jerry in his element. The atmosphere is authentic, with a focus on the love that live music creates. Up and coming bands from all over the country have played sets on this stage, some of them go on to play The Cap years later. But it’s not just up and comers, established musicians often return with solo and side projects – giving their fans experiences that they’ll never forget.

    It’s one of the best places to see your favorite musicians in an intimate setting. There are numerous venues in the tristate area that are similar in size and stature, but few that can match the mission statement of Garcia’s. Jerry and The Dead left behind a legacy that changed the world. Not only did they leave behind a legacy, they left behind a blueprint – a blueprint on how to improve the lives of others through music. Garcia’s follows that blueprint, as does The Cap, with conviction and passion to ensure that it never fades away.

    If you’re from the New York metro area and haven’t been to Garcia’s, you’re missing out. There’s always a packed schedule of great bands that play all types of music. Whether you want to spend a night out on the weekend, or pop in for a beer and some music during the week, Garcia’s is the place for you. The spirit of live music is alive and well, come see for yourself!