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  • October 23rd, 2017

    Why Now is the Best Time Ever to see The Jauntee

    The Jauntee’s jamband vibes have been owning stages all over the country, and they’re making their debut at Garcia’s on November 26! Coming from Boston, the New England natives have gotten audiences hooked to their sound, both in the local area and beyond. We were able to talk with drummer Scott Ferber about their music and how they never fail to bring energy, improvisation, and new ideas to each live performance.

    1. 100 shows a year – that’s something you don’t hear often, even from tenured jambands. How have you mastered the art of keeping sane on tour while also having as much as you guys do on stage?

    The four of us just love being on the road and have a lot of fun doing it. We’re all pretty low key guys so there’s not much tension between us. We have all lived in the same house together for a few years now so we’re pretty used to being in close quarters basically 24/7. I think the key for any band to last is getting along with your bandmates – I couldn’t imagine being on the road with someone I disliked….

    2. Where did you guys come up with the name of “The Jauntee,” and what exactly is a “Jauntee?” A mythical beast? A group of young, dapper men?

    Yes and yes. It’s basically whatever you want it to be but it definitely involves a group of young, dapper men.

    3. With two albums of material and a constantly expanding catalogue, do you feel like there are infinite possibilities when you follow the jam or do you guys prefer to stick to a definitive setlist?

    We love to switch up the setlists and couldn’t imagine playing as many shows as we do every year w/o doing that. I tend to obsess over the setlist writing; making sure we don’t repeat anything from the previous night as well as the last time we played in that city. We pretty much never stop writing music, so although we only have 2 studio albums out, we have upwards of 100 songs in our live repertoire. We actually have a new album recorded in front of a live studio audience (at The Bridge in Cambridge, MA) coming out in early 2018 that features a lot of original material that has yet to make it onto our past records.

    4. You guys have been able to blend Funk, Rock, Jazz, Progressive, Bluegrass, Psychedelic, and Ambient music almost perfectly since your inception. Do you feel that your past influences have come together naturally or do you to rather take the bull by the horns and learn as you go?

    I think it’s a bit of both. We all bring different influences to the table, but when it comes to improvising, we just kind of dive right in and see what happens. You’re always pulling from your influences when you’re playing but it’s not a conscious thing. It’s really just all about listening and doing your best to compliment and support the other 3 guys.

    5. You’re making your debut at Garcia’s when you come next month. Do you guys have any special plans to celebrate in “Jerry’s House?”

    We are super excited to be finally making our Garcia’s debut! As a New England based band, it’s been a spot we’ve been looking forward to playing for nearly 7 years now. We’ve got huge plans for this debut…. but if I told you…. I’d have to kill you….