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  • October 12th, 2017

    The Many Faces of Scott Metzger

    The room is rocking with cheers and screaming fans as Scott Metzger takes his place, guitar in hand, and an agenda to bring down the house…

    Playing in just one band was never enough for Metzger, and with his chosen career, he has freed himself to make unique artistic choices, complete with ever-changing projects. The New Jersey native can be considered a jack-of-all-trades in the music industry, someone who has never been afraid to surrender themselves and others to rock ‘n’ roll!

    In honor of Scott’s birthday today… here are the many faces of Metzger!

    In 1999, at the age of 19, Scott Metzger released his first album with the groovy experimental/noise band, F-Hole. At this point, the right people were starting to take notice. In 2000, Scott joined the band Amfibian, a project led by Phish lyricist Tom Marshall. His skills were put on display with Amfibian and soon Metzger began to receive national recognition.

    SIDE NOTE! One thing to know about Metzger is he never truly leaves a band. He is constantly looking for inspiration. The Village Voice called him “an ace guitarist of a thousand styles” so it is only fitting that those styles are shared with many different musicians.

    After Amfibian, Metzger’s next project was called RANA, a band that gained a cult following and toured extensively nationwide throughout the early 2000s. RANA is arguably Metzger’s most diverse group, as their philosophy states, “every idea is worth trying once in front of an audience.” We can get behind that! RANA released their first 2 albums independently in 2002 and 2005, and this led to several successful national tours.

    In 2006, Scott took his talents to the West Coast to join livetronica torchbearers Particle, and found himself contributing to their musical diversity. Following the short stint with Particle, Metzger collaborated with several artists on different projects like Marco Benevento, The Gene Ween Band, Statesman, Kelli Scarr, TriBeCanStan, Frank Bango, and Sophie Auster. His versatility on the guitar has made him a fearless improviser.

    Metzger spent about seven years working with various artists of all genres from jazz to surf rock, and everything in-between. It could be said that Scott takes a slice from every musician he works with and adds it to his repertoire. From 2006 to 2013, Scott was able to freelance and gather unprecedented experience from all around the musical spectrum. He emerged himself in many different genres and developed into one of the most well-rounded musicians in the states.

    In 2013, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead was born featuring Metzger on guitar and vocals. This Grateful Dead inspired juggernaut has become one of the most popular bands in the scene, consistently selling out venues across the country. Metzger fits in perfectly and his expansive experience allows him to play any lick that seems fitting. The work of JRAD adds another unique side to Metzger’s arsenal. In addition to JRAD, Metzger started the limitless instrumental band WOLF! in order to really challenge his creative side. This power-trio experiments without a vocalist, or a setlist, format or genre to follow. Metzger said that, “we play what serves the song” and “it takes a lot of guts to get up each night and not know what’s going to happen.” Music lovers, just let that sink in.

    Scott Metzger is a yes man when it comes to playing music. His repertoire apparently knows no limits, nor does his energy onstage. Led Zeppelin fans can still get their dose of the legendary band with Bustle in your Hedgerow, featuring Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Dave Dreiwitz, and Scott Metzger, who channel Zeppelin’s songs with pure passion and intensity.

    Looking for Metzger? You can find him playing sold out shows this week at Brooklyn Bowl or at The Capitol Theatre in January, just to name a few. Or maybe you’ll find him tonight, in a party hat, while a sold out room throws him a 40th birthday party. Either way, we’ll be there!