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  • September 13th, 2017

    7 Reasons Why Mates of State are #RelationshipGoals

    Doesn’t everyone envy a love like that between Kori and Jason from Mates of State? This dedicated pop duo fell head over heels with both music and each other, and we’re so excited to welcome this inspiring couple to Garcia’s on Friday, September 22. While you’re dreaming about a love like theirs, while waiting to rock out at Garcia’s, here’s some perfect examples that show why Mates of State are #RelationshipGoals. We wish we were half as cool as this power couple.

    1. They’ve been committed to their music for 20 years

    Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel formed Mates of State back in 1997, when they realized their mutual love for making pop music. Through the years they have been dedicated to bringing their fans music that they can connect to, and make it a point to master their craft through working together.

    2. Sometimes, love can be found in the simplest things

    No matter how busy our day-to-day lives may be, we try and make time for our loved ones and show them that we care. Whether it be by making dinner or putting on a favorite song, doing these everyday acts of love and kindness can make all the difference in our relationships, and Mates of State remind us of how important this can be.

    3. They do whatever it takes to stay together

    Luckily the winding road of a musician doesn’t keep Kori and Jason apart. In fact, they can enjoy it together, and have each other’s back when times get rough—even if it means wearing the same shirt!

    4. When it comes to making great music, sometimes it takes two

    While one voice on its own can be powerful enough, two voices together in perfect harmony can make all the musical difference in a song. Mates of State’s harmonies help take listeners on an emotional journey, and the band clearly puts in a lot of effort into getting their voices in sync, both as a musical duo and as a couple, for these beautiful moments.

    5. They make it a point to get out together and enjoy nature, even when they’re hard at work

    Even when life gets busy, Mates of State show us that we can accomplish our goals together, and in ways that make us happy. From bringing work to the waterside or taking it along on a picnic, there are so many simple ways for us to help our relationships thrive in nature’s beauty.

    6. Their musical inspiration sometimes comes from family

    Of course Mates of State find their inspiration in the outside world, but their muse is also in the form of their own family. For their latest album, You’re Going To Make It, they took their daughter’s story to heart in the making of a music video, and showed her that they care by listening to how her day went at school. She inspired them, and they gave back by creating this awesome music video.

    7. Not to mention, they’re an adorable couple!

    What makes Mates of State so adorable is that they keep each other happy, and that’s the best relationship goal to have!