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  • September 8th, 2017

    10 Ways Fans and Musicians Can Help Fight Cancer

    Whether you are a performer or a fan, there are tons of ways to get involved and step up in such a critical fight! Garcia’s is proud to be hosting its second annual Rock the Cure show on September 26. It’ll be a fantastic evening with plenty of opportunities to contribute to the cause. We’re taking this moment to call out to local musicians and fans with information on how you can fight back against cancer!

    1. Coming out to Garcia’s on September 26 to Rock the Cure

    We can make a difference with live music! Rock the Cure takes place on Tuesday, September 26 at 8:00PM with Doors at 6:30PM. The event will feature performances from two of our favorite bands and friends;Lizzie and The Makers and Stella Blue’s Band. The event will be hosted by Coach from 107.1 The Peak and will feature an auction and raffle with tons of great items up for grabs including gift certificates and concert tickets! Proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society and to a local family in need. Don’t miss this chance to #RockTheCure! Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 day of show.

    2. Artists donating their time

    Artists have continuously shown how selfless they are when it comes to fighting cancer as they consistently donate their time and resources to the cause. These efforts make events like the Stand Up to Cancer concert and telethon possible. Dave Grohl, Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Boy George and The Who are just some of the artists who have performed or participated in these events that have generated millions of dollars to cancer relief and research! We encourage all artists in our area, like Lizzie and The Makers and Stella Blue’s Band to donate their time and resources to help fight back!

    3. Fans and artists can contribute to foundations like The American Cancer Society

    Recently the music world lost Gregg Allman, David Bowie, and Lemmy to cancer. Charities like the American Cancer Society are terrific places to contribute to with 99% of American Cancer Society donations coming from everyday people donating or hosting events like #RocktheCure! Every little bit helps and we are all in this together!

    4. Donating portions of sales on music, tickets and merchandise

    Garcia’s is happy to host #RocktheCure where proceeds from the evening will be benefiting the American Cancer Society. A simple and effective way for musicians and venues to aid those struggling in the fight against cancer is to donate portions of sales, whether it be from downloads, tickets, or merchandise. Donations can make a tremendous impact!

    5. Music therapy

    We’ve all heard time and again that music saves lives, cancer patients remind us every day just how true this statement is. Whether they’re listening or playing along, music has been shown to have life-altering positive effects on people trying to cope with cancer. Whether it be to help in the rehab process or just to put a smile on their face; certified music therapists are spreading the joy in an incredible way and are helping to make an enormous difference in the lives of so many. The video below follows music therapist Betsy Hartman as she performs and teaches diagnosed children about music via music therapy.

    6. Social media

    With the world at our fingertips, social media is a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. We can use social media to plan events as well as tell our stories and make donations. There are endless possibilities on how we can use the internet and social media platforms as an ally in this fight! Check out this viral video of a girl cutting her hair and donating it to cancer. Use social media as a platform to do good!

    7. Participating in your local Relay for Life

    Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s most popular fundraising event. Thousands of Relay for Life’s are held in the U.S. and many are held right in our backyard. The events can only remain successful if they continue to receive help from volunteers in the local community. The events are constantly looking for local musicians to perform at the events. Relay for Life is a terrific platform for local musicians to get their music out there while making a difference and it’s something that all local musicians should try to take advantage of!

    8. Grassroots promotions

    Put together a street team of local music-loving volunteers and call upon them to help the cause! Grab your friends and visit your local coffee shops, delis, and pizzerias, and put up a poster to promote your event. It will help spread the word and promote not only the cause, but the show!

    9. Local Businesses – Get Involved

    Local businesses are part of the fabric of our area’s identity. There are tons of ways for local business owners to step up and fight. Holding fundraisers, donating proceeds of sales and donating gift certificates to be used in raffles benefiting charity are just a few of the tremendous opportunities local businesses have to get involved and make a difference!

    10. Keep the Fight Going

    We are looking forward to a fantastic evening at #RockTheCure but there will still be so much work remaining in the battle against cancer afterwards. There are so many ways to help out beyond the ones listed above, there’s so much room for creativity, so get involved! It makes an immeasurable difference!