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  • June 22nd, 2017

    reCAP :: Dawes :: 2017.06.16


    Words by: Craig Browning and Charlie Glucksman
    Photos By: Andrew Scott Blackstein

    On Friday, June 16, Dawes took their place on The Capitol Theatre stage in celebration of 107.1 The Peak’s 13th birthday.

    The show began with an energetic instrumental interlude to get the crowd ready for the show. The opening track was Quitter, from their latest album “We’re All Gonna Die.” Throughout the performance, the band was constantly interacting with the crowd, while Frontman Taylor Goldsmith would talk directly to the audience. The interactions between the band members and the crowd diminished the wall between artist and fan, and created a personal, intimate relationship for the remainder of the show. The end of their first set concluded with their hit When My Time Comes. The entire theatre began singing along to the chorus, while the band members took a break and allowed everyone to have a moment to shine.

    The second set began with a solo acoustic performance by Taylor Goldsmith singing One of Us, later joined by the drummer, Griffin Goldsmith. The harmonious vocals blended lavishly with the acoustic sound on the following songs, Roll Tide and How Far We’ve Come. The band slowly matured into a full band to conclude the set, performing some of their biggest hits, Rolling With The Punches, When The Tequila Runs Out, and Things Happen. The show closed with the title track off of their latest album, We’re All Going to Die followed by two encore tracks Going Down The Road Feeling Bad and All Your Favorite Bands. The night was filled with fun celebrations for 107.1 The Peak and a stunning performance.


    The Capitol Theatre Photo Gallery