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  • June 13th, 2017

    reCAP :: Demetri Martin :: 2017.06.09


    Words by: Craig Browning and Charlie Glucksman
    Photos By: Chad Anderson

    Demetri Martin came out to The Capitol Theatre on Friday, June 9, thoroughly entertaining his audience with a unique comedy routine.

    The show began with an announcement from Demetri Martin himself, introducing two opening comedians. The first being Josh Johnson, and the second being, well, Martin himself. Johnson already has a prominent background in comedy—contributing as a writer and performer on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He radiates his comfortability by acknowledging his small skinny figure, acting as if he’s not shy in the slightest. This became a common theme throughout his performance. He did his job well, warming up the crowd for the main feature.

    At the end of his set, Johnson handed off the microphone to Martin, and thus began the most highly enjoyable and gloriously hilarious performance. Martin began his act in a very nonchalant manner, addressing the somewhat less-than-packed historic venue as if it were a low-key open-mic night in the West Village. Throughout his act he had many memorable comedic styles that were unconventional, one being a large sketch pad with funny drawings and explanations. As the act progressed, Martin used a recorder to play music while reading out his giant book of “facts.” The facts that he presented were obvious observations, puns, and insults. This was his signature persona that got the fans really going.

    He closed out his set by playing an acoustic guitar and whipping out a whole string of one-liners. In addition to his unique styles, he had funny stories. One in particular was about his first time on Conan O’Brien’s television show. Martin was instructed to walk on stage to perform his set. Feeling that his first television appearance was an opportunity to up his cool factor, Martin decided to stand behind the curtain for an extra couple of seconds after being introduced. When he watched himself on TV later that night, he was embarrassed to see his feet were visible from underneath the curtain. Overall, you really left the theater recalling many of his memorable jokes and stories. Martin is continuing on with his tour and has recently put out a movie called Dean, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, alongside Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, and Gillian Jacobs. Demetri Martin is a must see if you haven’t yet, and we definitely recommend following up on his upcoming special, which he stated that he’d be filming in December.

    The Capitol Theatre Photo Gallery
    Photos By: Chad Anderson