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  • April 19th, 2017

    Keller Williams Facebook Fan Q&A


    You asked, Keller Williams answered! Learn where Keller Williams’ inspiration comes from, and what he would be if he wasn’t a musician. Come see Keller Williams at The Cap on Thursday, April 20.

    Jerry Fecteau: You’ve collaborated with tons of musicians over the years, what three musicians would you like to play with that you haven’t shared the stage or studio with?

    Studio Style:
    Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber. Ed Sheeran
    everybody loves mailbox money and YouTube hits
    Live style:
    Esperanza Spalding. Bill frisell Jon Fishman
    What a beautiful ridiculously unrealistic band we would be.

    Clay Lewis: Keller, I haven’t seen you in two years. What have you been playing recently?

    I’ve been getting back into baritone guitars. A thin body 12 string made by Rick turner, an Alverez Avanti 6string designed by Joe Villette, and my trusty Becker retro acoustic that I put super heavy strings on and tune down 5 steps. Then of course there’s my Martin HD 28 that will be at the 4/20 cap theater show and my new short scale violin bass made by Ryan Martin that appears at looping shows.


    Stefanie May: Hey Keller. If you weren’t a musician, what other profession would you pursue?

    I’d be a DJ or a floor guard at a roller rink or maybe a Walmart greeter. Maybe.

    Galena Aurora: Kdub luv your sweet love songs to your wife. Such a romantic. Wondering what Emily’s favorite Keller song is?

    Emily’s top 5:
    Land lord
    Dear emily
    Something else
    You are what you eat.

    @Ericiocci: Where on earth does your songwriting inspiration come from?

    Sometimes I channel some kind of energy from above and beyond. Sometimes it’s drugs and alcohol. It always starts with my own entertainment.

    @rygar76Q: Was the crab shell at the 1st Lunar Bay fest the oddest thing you’ve ever signed?

    No. I signed a baby once in Tokyo.


    Danielle Roberts: Have you ever played a Grateful Grass show with your shoes on? If so, what type of shoes were they?

    ummm, yes. They were Keens. The microphone was shocking my lips and the Keens kept me grounded.

    Dan Comer: How has using loop pedals changed the way you write your music and has it made you a better musician by playing that way?

    Looping does nothing for my songwriting. It’s merely a way to entertain myself on stage. A way to create more as a solo act. I don’t think it’s improved my playing other than showing me the things I need to improve on. Like learning scales and applying them in guitar solos. One day, maybe, looping will make me a better player. I can only hope.