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  • April 19th, 2017

    Every Grateful Grass Video You Need to Watch to Prepare for 4/20 at The Cap


    Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass plays The Cap on Thursday, April 20 w/ Love Canon! As part of his set, he will have notable Bluegrass musicians joining him such as Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band), Danton Boller (Keller Williams’ KWahtro), and Andy Hall and Jeremy Garrett (Infamous String Dusters). In honor of this spectacular event, we have collected some of our favorite grass-tastic videos of Keller Williams and his crew performing around the country. Soak up these grateful vibes and get ready for one of the most exciting nights of the year!


    “Shakedown Street” at Gathering of the Vibes

    “Shakedown Street” is the title track on the Grateful Dead’s 1978 studio album Shakedown Street. In this video, you’ll hear the same harmonies found on the Dead classic, but this time Williams adds his own twang and signature looping technique.

    “Eyes of the World” at Summer Camp

    With a strong bass and full acoustic ensemble, Grateful Grass has us tappin’ our toes silly! This video of the group at Summer Camp Music Festival is exciting in all the right ways.

    “Bertha” at Summer Camp

    This one may be the blue-grassiest of our collection. With speedy finger-picking banjo goodness, harmonies you’d only hear in the country, and guitar strumming faster than a tumbleweed caught in a tornado. This video is necessary to watch if you need a preview for the 4/20 show.


    Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass at LOCKN’

    Look at all these grooving bodies in the audience! If you like to dance you should come to the show.

    “Scarlet Begonias” at Gathering of the Vibes

    At Vibes, it’s all about the vibes. “Scarlet Begonias” is a widely loved Dead classic and Williams does not disappoint. Reed Mathis and Jeff Austin (catch him at The Cap!) provide excellent support on the guitar and mandolin and leave the audience grooving and wanting more!

    “Deal” at Northwest String Summit

    Who doesn’t love an epic fiddle solo? Check out this video featuring Allie Kral of Yonder Mountain String Band and other aforementioned bluegrass musicians!