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  • February 15th, 2017

    Facebook Fan Q&A With Adam Deitch and Nigel Hall of Lettuce


    We asked you to write your burning questions to Lettuce in anticipation of their show at The Cap on Sunday, February 19. Read to see if they answered yours, and find out what makes the funk-masters tick! What happened when someone threw lettuce on stage? Who are their biggest influences? Find out here, then experience the funk for yourself at The Cap on Sunday, February 19. Get your tickets–>> HERE!!

    Danielle Roberts: What is one thing that happened during a performance that you’ll never forget?

    Adam: The time Jesus fell on stage during Outside Lands in front of the whole crowd, but managed to not miss one note on bass and jumped back up!

    Nigel: There was one time where I went up front to sing and someone from the crowd threw some lettuce on the stage. I stepped on it and almost fell and broke my ass. I think Shmeeans was the only one that really saw, and we both just fell out laughing. Schmeeans and I have a lot of moments. Grateful for that.

    Jerry Fecteau: Do you ever during a show get blown away by what another member of the band is playing and just get lost in it for a bit?

    Adam: Every night somebody knocks it out of the park!

    Nigel: Yes, one thing we all have an understanding of tho, is that it’s very important to listen. So that regardless of what it is we’re playing and however far we get lost in the music, there’s always something to hear to snap us back. Listen.

    Tyler Katz: What funk legends of the past most inspired the band and the music that your write?

    Adam: James Brown, Maceo, Fred Wesley, The Meters, J Dilla, Tower of Power, and endless others.

    Nigel: As a band I really feel like Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire, Dilla, and all things funky. We also inspire each other.

    David Michael Goeke: Where did the name Lettuce come from?

    Adam: From having no instruments at a party and asking the house band to LETT us all sit in at once.

    Kevin Fecteau: What bands or artists do you listen to together while on tour?

    Adam: Mostly reggae dub, Scientist, Tubby, Roots Radics, DJ Zoid, Benny Bloom, Nigel and Jesus are the greatest music connoisseurs on the planet.

    Nigel: Tower of Power and Earth Wind and Fire.

    Lauren Northey: What’s your favorite song you ever covered?

    Adam & Nigel: Knock Yourself Out by Tower of Power

    Lauren Ann Mascali: What currently is most challenging to the ensemble?

    Adam: The challenge is to grow as human beings and as business men. Music is the focus though!

    Nigel: Getting through a sound check with out arguing…lol. But it’s like, brother arguing so it’s over before it really starts…we usually end up laughing at each other anyway.

    Katie E. Hoffman: Why are you guys so damn funky?

    Adam: We are DEDICATED to the history and future of the FUNK!

    Nigel: That’s not something we have control of…

    Bill Kuntz: Why did EC change his name to Jesus? He is GOD on the bass! But why Jesus?

    Adam: Eric Coomes started getting called Jesus by West Coast rap legends DJ Quik and Dr. Dre. We thought it was funny and started calling him that as well.

    Von Nida: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you all be and why?

    Adam: A multicolored crayon with all skin tones in one!!