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  • December 6th, 2018

    5 Reasons Why Jason Hann Makes Us Feel So Good, Proven By Science

    Drums — they’re good for your health! If you love music, you know how a great beat can improve your mood. Heavy-hitting percussionists like Jason Hann work their magic like musical doctors to enhance our physical and emotional health, boost our immune system, and produce feelings of pure euphoria! Attending a concert with The String Cheese Incident can provide these benefits to your mind and body.

    1. Live music improves your subjective well-being

    Subjective well-being is the scientific psychological term for general mood of ‘happiness.’ Research states that “people who actively engaged with music through dancing and attending events like concerts reported a higher level of subjective well-being.” Just 20 minutes at a concert could improve your subjective well-being by 21%! Thanks to Hann’s pulsating beats, our happiness levels are through the roof!

    2. Going to concerts can help you live longer

    Sounds like we’re all going to live forever! Subjective well-being aka happiness, has been linked in previous studies to an increase in the longevity of life, so live music and beats by Hann can extend your lifespan by up to nine years. That’s nine more years to be spent rocking out to The String Cheese Incident!

    3. Attending concerts increases your feelings of connection to other people

    You know that connection you feel to everyone else when you’re in a crowd? Or that feeling when everyone around you is mesmerized and awe-struck by a Jason Hann drum solo? The experience of collective effervescence is one of the main reasons why going to concerts has a more profound effect on your well-being than listening to that same music by yourself.

    4. Dancing with others is beneficial for your health

    Yeah, that collective effervescence we mentioned? Also applies to the experience of dancing in sync with others at shows. Not only that, but this specific act of social bonding where you engage in synchronized movement with others also increases your pain tolerance. One good thing about Jason Hann’s music? When it hits you feel no pain!

    5. Concerts are scientifically proven to reduce levels of stress

    Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body when you experience psychological stress. In a study that measured cortisol levels in 117 people right before and right after a concert, every single person showed a drop in cortisol levels at the end of the show. For a super easy stress reliever, get tickets to The String Cheese Incident at The Cap on May 25, 26, and 27!