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  • April 9th, 2018

    reCAP :: Daughtry :: 2018.04.04

    Words by Victoria Caputo
    Photos by Scott Harris

    The 2000’s were a decade of new bands blossoming and the music industry skyrocketing, and Daughtry was a major part of that. In 2006, Daughtry, hit the musical scene with their first album Daughtry and they haven’t stopped delivering amazing music! Following Daughtry, they went on to release Leave This Town (2009), Break the Spell (2011) and Baptized (2013). Now, they are just about to drop their newest album, which Chris said took over 2 years to make! He also said the new album should be dropping in the summer of 2018. We’re all anxiously waiting to hear it, but for us lucky concert goers, we were able to get a good sneak peeks of a few new, unreleased songs, and trust me, they do not disappoint!

    Chris Daughtry, a North Carolina native, got his start as a finalist on American Idol. Though he may not have won, he has become an ultimate rock icon in today’s musical society and went on to form the band back in 2006. The band also currently features Josh Steely, Josh Paul, Brian Craddock, Elivo Fernandes and Brandon Maclin. Together, these boys put on a great show and rocked the house with some amazing music!

    Being a diehard Daughtry fan, I’ve been to 9 Daughtry concerts in 12 years, and last night’s was definitely one of the best. The band delivered one of their best performances and The Capitol Theatre had one of the best crowds. Put those two things together and you have a pretty stellar experience. All of the band members are so loving and thankful to all of their fans and they all really show it through their performances. Chris even came out into the audience of a few times, receiving hugs, a couple kisses on the cheek and even jumping in a few selfies! The love for their music and for their fan gives us all just one more thing to love about Daughtry.

    If you didn’t get to see Daughtry at the The Capital Theatre last night,
    Daughtry recently gave us a little tease of their new music and recently released one of the songs from their next upcoming album. The song is called Backbone and is available everywhere for purchase and download. Trust me, if the album is anything like Backbone, it is going to be one of their best yet!