reCAP :: Nick Kroll & Friends :: 2013.12.12

Dec 15  / Sunday
Written By: Liz Giegerich Photos by: Scott Harris

Nick Kroll came home for the holidays to entertain a theater full of residents from his hometown, Rye, New York, and raise thousands of dollars for local community non-profit, The Port Chester Carver Center on Thursday, December 11.

The now famous Kroll's successful career in stand-up comedy and acting has now landed him his own hit sketch show on Comedy Central, The Kroll Show. It's second season, which will be filled with fan favorite characters like Bobby Bottleservice, Peter Paparazzo, the Lizs of pubLizcty and many others, will premier this January. Kroll also plays the shameless character Ruxin in FX's comedy series The League.

Hundreds of local residents filled the historic Capitol Theatre for Kroll & Friends "Home for the Holidays" performance, which had them laughing hysterically, reminiscing and cheering on their local high school sports team.

Before stepping on stage, Kroll played a segment from the second season of his sketch show, which drew cheers and laughter from the crowd.

Once on stage, Kroll opened with a shout-out for his favorite local chili place on North Main Street in Port Chester, Pat's Hubba Hubba, which drew applause from the audience clearly familiar with the joint. He mentioned fast food later on when he compared McDonald's newer healthy options to a late night booty call trying to be more than just casual sex.

Kroll also paid homage to The Capitol Theatre by listing every band that played at the historical venue since the 1970s. He stopped to reminisce about experiencing his first concert there when he saw The Samples.

Kroll brought Rye back into his set at the end when he explained how he had "an accident" during a karate practice run by the Rye Police Department at Resurrection Church when he couldn’t get his gi untied in time to reach the toilet. He ended the set explaining that the same thing happened to him while driving in Los Angeles traffic after too many brunch meetings, no gi involved.

The audience roared and applauded their hometown success. All proceeds from the event were donated to The Port Chester Carver Center, a local non-profit organization that offers educational, recreational and cultural programs and resources with a particular focus on meeting the needs of underprivileged youth.




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