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  • October 13th, 2017

    10 Albums We’re Spinning Right Now

    Summertime’s over and we’re excited to have so many bands closing out 2017. From Cheap Trick to 311, The Cap will fill out with an eclectic surge of legendary acts. Want to know what we’re listening to in preparation for the musical madness? Here’s some of our favorite albums at the moment. Turn on, tune in, drop out!

    1. Modest Mouse – The Lonesome Crowded West – released on November 18, 1997 on Up Records

    Isaac Brock and his band followed up their debut LP This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About with this seminal indie rock masterpiece that garnered positive reviews from popular music publications like SPIN Magazine and Pitchfork. The 15 track album is jam packed with flavorful tunes with a generous amount of diversity and raw emotion that reaffirms the albums significance in the indie rock world. “Out of Gas,” a perpetual drone of being strung out and being at rock bottom is a one of the examples in the album that testifies the band’s ability to mix pop appeal and the classic underground indie rock sound while “Doin’ the Cockaroach” establishes the band’s edge. Check out Pitchfork’s documentary on the legendary indie rock album. Modest Mouse’s two day stay at The Cap is on 10/13-10/14, be there to experience one of indie rock’s most established act!

    2. Primus – The Desaturating Seven – released on September 29, 2017 on ATO Records

    As their first album with new material and the full crew since 1995’s Tales From The Punch Bowl, Primus really makes up for lost time with their latest funk rock, carnival-like conceptual album, The Desaturated Seven. While Les Claypool and the band have shown interest in the eerie and surrealness of children’s tales in the past, this album based on the story Claypool read to his kids, The Rainbow Goblins, really brings the sound of their past work together. One of our favorites so far, “The Seven,” features solid drums that compliment the funky bass line. Although the album may only consists of seven songs, it holds its own, packed with heavy riffing, multiple time signature changes, and overall stellar musicianship. In fact, this album keeps us wanting more, and luckily for us, we can get it when Primus comes to The Cap on October 29! For fans of King Crimson, Rush, Frank Zappa, Infectious Grooves, and Fugazi, this album is a crucial listen.

    3. Umphrey’s McGee – Anchor Drops – released on June 29, 2003 on SCI Fidelity

    Similar to the progressive nature and instrumental passages of Primus, Umphrey’s McGee’s Anchor Drops delivers a more tamed and sophisticated prog fusion album that incorporates folk, heavy metal, and electronica, packed into their third studio album. The opening track, “Plunger”, sets the tone of the album with sinister riff grove which then trades off with acoustic breaks and cathartic vocal melodies that leaves the listener in an unsettling mood. The title track stays true to their jamband foundation as its resembles closer to their influences (Phish and Grateful Dead) while fusing the familiar metal shred style. After the release of this album and their live album, Local Band Does OK, Umphrey’s McGee finally were able to obtain a distribution deal that made their music available in stores around the country. If you’re looking for music that is similar to or combines Yes, Phish, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Iron Maiden, check out Anchor Drop. Catch Umphrey’s McGee jam at The Cap on 10/21!

    4. GRiZ – Good Will Prevail – released on September 23, 2016 on All Good Records

    In 2013, GRiZ made headlines in publications like Detroit Music Magazine, SPIN, and The Untz, who named GRiZ the “#1 Breakout Artist of 2013. Grant Kwiecinski, better known as GRiZ, has released five albums, two mixtapes, and a generous amount of singles that has propelled him to top tier Electronic/EDM status. Kwiecinski’s 2016 release, Good Will Prevail, showcases his ability to incorporate different genres of music into the welcoming vehicle of Electric Dance Music. Like fine wine, GRiZ manages to constantly develop over time and push the envelope of electronic music, as displayed on this album. The 1960s funk inspired track “Good Times Roll” successfully gels the gospel funk vocals and horns with the trademark EDM breaks that enhances the funk base sample throughout the song. “What We’ve Become” leans more on the R&B flavor of GRiZ’s arrangements with electro-soul vibes and dance pop embellishments that is also enhanced by his EDM style production. Witness the eclectic stylings of GRiZ in person on 11/1!

    5. 311 – Transistor – released on August 5th, 1997 on Capricorn Records

    Almost a decade of 311’s formation, Transistor, the band’s fourth studio album, garnered mixed reviews when it was released but also represents 311’s maturity and new found direction, with less rapping in comparison to their older albums and tighter production. “Beautiful Disaster” is a testament to the band’s harmonic melodies and tamed metal endeavors while emphasizing their reggae vocal lines and instrumentation. Although the album tends to miss 311’s early rap rock style, “Galaxy” makes up for the sporadic attendance with the return of rapping mixing together with the album’s new music direction. “Transistor”, the title track, layers lead singer and guitarist Nick Hexum’s reggae style of singing with groove induced metal licks provided by the band. Dive into the reggae rock standout opus. The headbanger’s delight storms The Cap on 10/30, will you be there?

    6. Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot in the Head – released on July 21st, 2017 on Silver Arrow Records

    With the The Black Crowes on hiatus, Chris Robinson formed his own solo project in 2011, who has already released four studio albums since their formation, Barefoot in the Head, the fifth studio album by Robinson, comes off as a more refined and hazy LP that showcases Robinson’s psychedelic and jam roots. Often slow and eerie, the tracks on the album are filled with organ based ballads combined with slacker-blues jams. “Behold the Seer” is charmingly similar to the sound of Grateful Dead and The Band, Robinson perfectly executes the heartbreaking psychedelic blues jam theme that the songs set along with nostalgic instrumentation. “Blonde Light of Morning” is the album’s more roots/blues with the traditional pedal steel feature that gives the song it’s rustic sound. Vibe out with Chris Robinson Brotherhood as they rolls through Port Chester on 11/3!

    7. The Shins – Heartworms – released on March 10, 2017 on Columbia

    Heartworms, the fifth studio album for the band following a train of success with their third and four album respectively, was positively received by music critics after its release. The Shin’s toured with Modest Mouse during the late 90s and became one of the crucial bands that launched the success of SubPop Records. Rolling Stone gave this classic masterpiece a rating of 4.5/5 stars as well as Pitchfork rating it 7.6. Oozing with remarkable Indie Pop songwriting as well as having folk and electronica appeal. “Fantasy Island” is a somber Indie Folk ballad about the fear of committing in a relationship, echoed by lead singer James Mercer’s whimsical vocals aided by the electronics. The power pop track “Rubber Ballz”, offers similarities to Big Star and The Beatles with its guitar based instrumentation, string arrangement, and overall bubbly feel. The album’s subtle pop appeal drowned in it’s electronic folk trail and high vocal timbre delivers the perfect modern indie pop gift. The Shin’s takeover The Cap on 11/5, be there to see it all!

    8. Rodrigo y Gabriela – Area 52 – released on January 24, 2012 on ATO Records

    The prolific duo of Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero alongside the Cuban Orchestra known as C.U.B.A released Area 52, a complementary combination of the pair’s technically flawless flamenco guitar playing with the orchestra’s grand sound that culminated in this album’s intense fusion of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s unique sound and C.U.B.A’s instrumentation and arrangement. The opening track “Santo Domingo” featuring Samuel Folmell Alfonso on Drums, fires off with a dark, percussive trademark acoustic sound which is then greeted with drums and the rest of the orchestra that decorates the track with instrumental jams and various passages. The mystic flavored ballad, “Logos”, adds variation and air to the album’s already explosive sound tying together refreshing melodic harmonies and subtle dynamics. Rodrigo y Gabriela’s technical ability as musicians are constantly evident in both live and studio recordings, often replicating their sound in any setting. The pair rock The Cap on 11/8!

    9. Cheap Trick – Heaven Tonight – released on May 1978 on Epic/Sony Records

    A year after releasing their debut and second album in 1977, Cheap Trick released their critically acclaimed ga Heaven Tonight, the band’s highly regarded album that displayed a polished Hard Rock/Power Pop sound with a healthy dose of pop appeal that the late seventies, early eighties saw plenty of with bands like The Police and Talking Heads. The most well-known track, “Surrender”, one of the most symbolic track of the decade featuring rhythmic rock riffs maintained by lead guitarist Rick Nielson, embellished by synth lead lines throughout the song and Robin Zander’s high pitched vocal snarl, “Surrender” is one of rock’s signature pop masterpieces. The title track “Heaven Tonight”, is the band’s eerie, dark track that combines darkwave synth lines and hard hitting guitar chords, paired with Zander’s apathetic vocals. Heaven Tonight is an album that changed the course of pop rock and shaped generations of songwriters with its influential arrangement and instrumentation – an album that doesn’t need further explanation. Experience the legends themselves on 11/18 as they play their greatest hits along with other favorites at The Cap!

    10. Twiddle – PLUMP Chapter One – released on December 31, 2015 on Sono Recording Group

    The Vermont based quartet who captivates their audience with a unique blend of jazz, bluegrass, rock, and reggae that is tied together by their jam-heavy passages on each Twiddle song. PLUMP Chapter One an ode to the jam roots, which legendary groups like Grateful Dead and Phish who pioneered and influence much of the jam music of today. Staying true to their influences as well as adding contemporary flare, Twiddle conjures the smooth heat of groovy jams as well as adding their funk reggae flavor and hard rock-esque production. “Lost In The Cold” represents that jam/reggae fusion with its relaxed, yet tense mood through out the song. “Syncopated Healing” is the band’s funk rock groove that gives off a Motown/R&B vibe. If you’re more into the upbeat reggae jam rock sound, PLUMP Chapter One is a must listen. Twiddle hits The Cap for a two-night show, right after your Thanksgiving night.