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  • Neko Case

    Neko Case

    Mt. Joy

    Wed, January 17, 2018

    Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

    The Capitol Theatre

    Port Chester, NY

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    This event will have a reserved seated Orchestra, Loge, and Balcony.

    Neko Case
    Neko Case
    Neko Case was playing and touring with bands for a decade before she realized it was her job.

    "Music was, and is, my obsession, but I guess I couldn’t see the forest through the trees," she
    writes from her farmhouse in Vermont, reflecting on early periods of touring with several bands
    so regularly that she had to quit every other job she had. "I also didn’t feel worthy of calling
    myself a 'musician.' It was just too sacred."

    Now more than 20 years into that calling, Neko Case is the consummate career artist--fearless
    and versatile, with a fierce work ethic and a constant drive to search deeper within herself for
    creative growth. Nowhere is that clearer than in Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule, a stunning vinyl
    box set of Case's complete (so far) solo discography, available from Anti- on November 13.

    All eight titles--The Virginian (1997), Furnace Room Lullaby (2000), Canadian Amp (2001),
    Blacklisted (2002), The Tigers Have Spoken (2004), Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (2006), Middle
    Cyclone (2009), and The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love
    You (2013)-- are remastered from their original analog tape and made available on 180 gram
    black vinyl, some for the first time in years, or ever. The set also includes an 80-page, limitededition,
    full-color book of photography, designed and curated by Case herself.

    "The release of this set gives listeners an excuse to appreciate the scope of one of the most
    individual and passionate artists making music today," says Anti- label head Andy Kaulkin.
    "When you take it all in, Neko's journey from punk/country torchbearer to avant pop icon has
    been staggering. This box makes a strong case for her fierceness of vision, pristine musical craft,
    unflinching lyrics, and of course…That voice!"

    Born in 1970, and raised all over working-class Washington state, Case spent a turbulent
    childhood shuffling between divorced and uninterested parents, and often alone. This is one
    reason she is an ardent collaborator, working with a huge roster of Canadian and American
    artists throughout her career, and thriving as a member of indie-pop supergroup the New
    Pornographers and other projects alongside her solo work.

    "I know there are people who are really good at performing solo," she once said in an interview.
    "Me, I just feel lonely. I hate it. I don't like to practice alone, either. It's about community for me.
    I think it's about not having a family as a kid. I just spent a lot of time being really, really, really
    alone. I just don't want to do that anymore."

    Case began collecting her musical community shortly after leaving home at 15. Known now for
    her extraordinary voice and songwriting, Case started out behind a kit. By 17 she was playing
    drums for several local bands, and at 23 she moved to Vancouver for art school, where she
    drummed for emerging punk groups including Cub and Maow. Out of that punk foundation,
    however, grew Case's exploration of country. The Virginian, her 1997 solo debut released by
    Canadian label Mint and backed by the band referred to as Her Boyfriends, is a joyous collection
    of originals and covers, including Loretta Lynn's "Somebody Led Me Away" and the Everly
    Brothers' "Bowling Green."

    Case relocated to Seattle after graduation and dug her roots deeper with 2000's Furnace Room
    Lullaby, an emotional set of originals ranging from murder ballads to poignant eulogies both
    figurative and literal. She moved again, this time to Chicago, and released 2001's beautifully
    home-recorded EP Canadian Amp, a cover-heavy tribute to Canadian songwriters and
    collaborators, spotlighting Case's talents as an interpretive vocalist in addition to a gifted
    songwriter. 2002's Blacklisted, recorded in Tucson, earned Case a new level of critical acclaim
    and a tour spot with Nick Cave for its dark, yearning compositions that unleashed an even
    greater power in her remarkable voice. While Blacklisted was Case's first solo album without Her
    Boyfriends, it, like all of her work, featured a diverse list of musicians including Joey Burns and
    John Convertino of Calexico, Howe Gelb of Giant Sand, Dallas Good of the Sadies, and frequent
    vocal collaborator Kelly Hogan.

    The live album The Tigers Have Spoken, released in 2004, spotlights Case's incredible
    performance prowess recorded at several shows in Chicago and Toronto with Canadian band the
    Sadies. When she returned to the studio two years later, the result was Fox Confessor Brings the
    Flood, a stunning, evocative album of dark fairy tales based on Case's life that critics called a
    masterpiece. But she had even higher to climb; 2009's Middle Cyclone, drenched in the rage and
    beauty of the natural world, was nominated for two Grammys and reached No. 3 on the
    Billboard album chart.

    In a painful three years that followed, Case lost both of her parents and several other loved
    ones, and retreated to a 100-acre farmhouse in Vermont, where she plans to stay. "I was really
    depressed and in mourning . . . and I'd never slowed down to just feel it," she says. She turned
    inward, then, for her most ambitious and revealing album to date. 2013's The Worse Things Get,
    the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You surges with themes of gender, fear,
    pain, hope, and power, from the heartwrenching "Near Midnight, Honolulu," to the defiant

    "Being in a band isn’t a race to an awards platform; it is a life, a great and complicated, messy,
    anxious, hilarious, and home-made life," writes Case from the farmhouse. "I wouldn’t trade it for
    anything, ever. I gave up a lot of what makes people 'normal,' but it was always my choice. That
    is a victory in itself. This is a LONG story, which I will continue later."
    Mt. Joy
    Mt. Joy is an Indie Folk band from Philadelphia, currently recording their first full-length album in Los Angeles, CA.

    Matt Quinn (Vocals/Guitar) and Sam Cooper (Guitar) met in high school and started performing songs together in 2005.

    After heading off to separate colleges, they continued to bounce song ideas off each other when they could. However, when it became clear music wasn’t going to pay the rent, Sam went to law school in Philadelphia and Matt moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music management. In Matt’s words, “When I moved to LA I knew I still wanted to write songs, but the realities of life made that dream seem pretty impossible.” A year later in early 2016, Sam followed a job opportunity to Los Angeles. While both were working long hours, they began working on music together in their spare time. The pair recorded 4 original songs with producer Caleb Nelson in the spring of 2016 in Caleb’s living room. They chose the name “Mt. Joy” as an ode to a mountain in Valley Forge National Park near Sam’s childhood home.

    After the records were made, the guys were proud of the songs. But, with little hope at ever reaching a large audience, Cooper took a job as a lawyer back in Philadelphia and Quinn enrolled in grad school in Los Angeles.

    However, that fall, their first single "Astrovan" began taking off on streaming platforms, and Matt and Sam decided to put their other careers on hold. Matt dropped out of school and Sam left his job to focus full-time on Mt. Joy. Soon after, Michael Byrnes (bass), Sotiris Eliopoulos (drums), and Terrance Mack (keys) joined and expanded the duo to a full 5-piece band.

    Mt. Joy's folk rock sound can be attributed to some of the band's biggest influences: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and even contemporaries such as The Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket, and Vampire Weekend. After much debate, Matt and Sam agreed on their all time favorite record: The Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East 1971.
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