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  • Mates Of State

    A-Sides with Jon Chattman Presents

    Mates Of State

    Field Mouse, MORI

    Fri, September 22, 2017

    Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

    Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre

    Port Chester, NY

    $12.00 ADV // $15.00 DAY OF SHOW

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    Mates Of State
    Mates Of State
    How does a band keep evolving and moving forward after 15 years? First up, embrace the modern age and the way that people are consuming music these days. "I don't like it, but the long play album format is probably dead," says Mates of State singer/drummer Jason Hammel. "Now we just want the hits. Don't bother me with filler; get me your best songs straightaway."
    Rather than lamenting this shift in listening preferences, Hammel and his bandmate Kori Gardner are taking a very KISS-like approach with their new music: you wanted the best, you got the best.
    The pair's new self-produced EP 'You're Going To Make It,' then, is nothing but choice cuts; five anthemic and emotionally-rich songs that will quickly take up residence in your mental jukebox; five anthemic songs that wriggle into your every waking hour like the earworms they are.
    This new batch of tunes is Mates of State in its purest form. The razor sharp harmonies, shimmering new wave synth melodies, an internal warmth that can only come from a couple that has been musically and romantically involved for nearly two decades, and lyrics that speak to both personal and universal concerns.

    On "Beautiful Kids," the band speaks to how, even though we are connected to one another 24/7 thanks to modern technology, a sense of loneliness still pervades. Or as Hammel puts it: "We all just want to be seen, but we won't look up from our screens so that we can be seen." "Gonna Get It" and "I Want To Run" build off the same inspiring notion of the EP's title, encouraging both themselves and their fans to keep striving no matter what the odds. And fist-pumping opener "Staring Contest" connects us to that delicious ache of schoolyard crushes and youthful love.
    It's not just the manner in which Mates of State is planning to release music from here on out that is evolving, but also how the band will be presenting them on their upcoming tours of U.S. and Europe. "We're focusing more on performance as a whole and not being stuck behind our instruments," says Hammel. "We're coming to the front of the stage for some songs. Kori plays drums, Jason does some keys. Mixing up the performances in new and exciting ways."
    The band is also exploring some new creative avenues this year with the release of 'The Rumperbutts,' a feature film that Hammel and Gardner acted in and composed the score for. Written and directed by Marc Brener, the film will hit theaters on May 22nd.

    After a decade and an half of acclaimed albums and live performances, and songs that have become near pop standards for a generation of music fans, it's good to know that Mates of Stateisn't content with coasting. Hammel and Gardner are working as hard as ever and looking excitedly toward what the future has to offer.
    Field Mouse
    Field Mouse
    Field Mouse is a band that plays rock music. Two of them live in Philadelphia, three of them live in New York. Virgo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini and Libra. That’s about it.
    MORI delivers punchy, hook-laden alternative rock/pop you can (and should) scream along to in the car. Fronted by lead singer, songwriter & guitarist Mori Einsidler, the band took shape in 2015 with the addition of Jake Goldin on guitar, Adam Downer on bass and vocals, and Stephen Ranellone on drums. MORI crafts songs that ache and burst, recalling the ear candy of indie-pop duo Tegan & Sara packed with the voltage of alt-rock overlords Paramore and Brand New.

    After joining co-producer Jon Markson (Such Gold) in the studio, the band has emerged in 2017 with their heaviest and hookiest music to date. The new single "Contender" is a teeth-baring rock anthem, and the first release by MORI to feature all four band members. Markson's influence is a palpable one, particularly during the thrashing breakdown on the extended cut of "Contender" and on the equally unrelenting B-side, "I Don't Wanna Talk About It". As for the single's inspiration: "Contender is about overcoming the often crippling self-doubt and uncertainty that go along with pursuing a career as an artist," Einsidler notes. She left her 9-5 music industry job in favor of a lifestyle that allows her to focus more on songwriting and the band, and now, there's no looking back. "It's about saying, 'fuck it, I owe it to myself to give this all I've got,' which can be a really tough decision to make. That's what's at the heart of the song-- my inner tug-of-war between being comfortable but miserable, or taking a risk to feel fulfilled."

    Choosing the latter no doubt helped make 2016 the breakout year that it was for MORI. On the heels of releasing the irresistibly catchy and crunchy Better For You EP, which garnered praise for its slick production and Einsidler's powerful voice and strong songwriting, the band has enjoyed a stint at Brooklyn's Northside Festival, solo and full band tours throughout the Northeast and West Coast, and sold out shows across NYC.
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