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  • Lost Leaders

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    Lost Leaders

    Fri, January 13, 2017

    Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

    Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre

    Port Chester, NY


    This event is 21 and over

    Lost Leaders
    Lost Leaders
    When we left off the first Lost Leaders record was just released. This was in 2014 before the country went mad. That record did things for us. Our song “I’m Gonna Win” was on radio stations around the country and on several year-end top song lists. We played many an on-air concert singing into foam cylinders suspended on desk-lamp arms under florescent lights. It got us into some great publications like Relix, No Depression and The Huffington Post and on A-sides with John Chattman so we got our origin story down pat. And we’re sticking to it. Most importantly it got us in front of thousands of people including a sold out show at The Capitol Theatre. It consumed tires and gasoline and Spotify playlists. It also got us looking forward. And got us writing.Much about this new E.P. mirrors the creation of the previous release. We have a thing for barns that are like churches. Where the first record was recorded largely at Levon Helm’s barn which feels like a church, this set of songs was recorded in a barn built out of an actual church, taken apart and reassembled, cathedral ceiling, stained glass and all. Here in the Hudson Valley we holed up and worked on six new songs with a great crew of new players. Byron brought in some beautiful finger picked guitar songs with great harmonies and I brought in more cynical yet optimistic rockers. Some of the original contributors came back. Jared Samuel (G.O.A.S.T.T) contributed some synth weirdness on April Snow and Clark Gayton (E. Street Band horn section) gave us an awesome trombone choir on Gienevieve. This time around the songs are from a more immediate place. We didn’t have as much time to write them. So they are drawn more sharply. They are brighter, more concise and hit a little harder. Lost Leaders grew from a collaboration that has lasted through years of weirdness and magic. It has lasted through Byron’s time in Ollabelle and their time on Columbia records touring with Ryan Adams, Diana Krall and others. It lasted through my time in Lava Baby and our strange NYC power-pop journey with a record label whose president was convicted of money laundering. For all we know he is still in prison. It lasted through years of touring with bands and artists from all the dark corners. The partnership became Lost Leaders during Byron’s tenure in The Levon Helm Band and is now continuing through his time playing with The Lumineers on their current record and tour. Lost Leaders continues to stay off the boards and push its way onward. It continues to make much from little. But despite the self generating energy that propels us ever forward we’re calling this new E.P. “Heavy Lifting”. That’s just how it is. - Peter Cole Westchester County, New York Fall 2016

    "A blend of gritty folk, rootsy pop and swirling psychedelia filled with lush harmonies and stinging melodies, LostLeaders offer up a timeless sound that could have materialized just as easily in Laurel Canyon as in Woodstock, N.Y...a band out of time [and] perfectly in the now. ..”— RELIX“

    I love this album. I love it. I want to run out to the street and plug my earbuds into the nearest ears I can find and force them to listen to Lost Leaders...Among my top picks for this year. These guys are right up there with the best.” - No Depression“

    The results are seismic, like an earthquake, like a shifting of the tectonic plates, like a leap into another dimension where everything makes sense.” —Poughkeepsie Journal"Now, I know all of you are on the edge of your seats wondering what delicious gem I have chosen for this years best. It is simply the album I listened to most often. And that album is Lost Leaders!” — Elmore Magazine

    "The music that Isaacs and Cole make comes from a deep place shaped by history and tradition.”— WBJB

    “Stellar song-craft, great production, it’s sequenced beautifully. The whole album is reminiscent of a time when albums mattered. It was forwarded to me by our sister AC station. I drove it home on a beautiful afternoon with absolutely no expectations, and by the time I got to the last song I had the windows open, stereo at top volume, and cell phone out calling industry friends raving about the CD I was listening to.This just doesn’t happen in my world.I’ve been back dozens of times and it delivers on each listen.I’m Gonna Win’ was an immediate add on WXPK and has sounded great on our air since.”—Chris Herrmann/Program Director, 107.1 The Peak
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    Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre
    145 Westchester Avenue
    Port Chester, NY, 10573