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  • A-Sides' 3rd Anniversary Show ft. Dreamers

    A-Sides' 3rd Anniversary Show ft. Dreamers

    Emily Angell, Nore Davis, Simon Cadel, The Noisy Tenants, Ionia, Carlos A. Gonzalez

    Fri, January 23, 2015

    Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

    Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre

    Port Chester, NY

    $12.00 - $15.00

    This event is 21 and over

    A-Sides' 3rd Anniversary Show ft. Dreamers
    A-Sides' 3rd Anniversary Show ft. Dreamers
    We are impractical.
    We do not listen to those that doubt us.
    We push the boundaries.
    We believe that nothing is impossible.
    We rewrite the rules.
    We create.
    We are boundless.
    We are enchanted.
    We are asleep to the waking world.
    We are DREAMERS.
    Emily Angell
    Emily Angell
    Singer/songwriter, producer, guitar and harmonica player from the Southern Tier of Upstate New York — is a description that only begins to scratch the surface of motivation-driven, harmony-obsessed Emily Angell. While some have compared her to Jewel and Alanis Morissette, she’s just as well known for moments of belting out Cristina-esque high notes or busting out the harmonica while deftly looping vocals with acoustic guitar. Her latest album, Built For This, combines Electronic Pop, modern R&B and emotionally charged lyrics with themes of empowerment and melodies that are easily singable. Emily grew up on The Beatles and James Taylor along with The Phantom of the Opera and Free To Be You & Me soundtracks — thus it’s no surprise she enjoys creating songs that blur genre lines. Emily’s debut self-released EP The Upset (2011) received praise for its simple, acoustic approach, landing her generous reviews from Women of Substance Radio and AllMusic.com. Her sophomore EP Let Go (2015) incorporated Folk and Rock influences and secured her spots opening for well-known names in Alternative Radio like American Authors and Dreamers.
    Nore Davis
    Nore Davis
    NORÉ, the young refreshing face of comedy, delivers an energetic performance filled with witty quips and sharp punch lines, combined with an amazing stage presence. Edgy and clean, NORÉ tells it like it is, speaking to audiences everywhere. NORE is a comedian for the masses, relating to everyone from teens to the mature adult, delivering original content, and leaving no topic unturned. From relationships to family, race, and politics, NORÉ brings a comedic talent that has been refined in front of countless audiences on the world's biggest stages.

    NORÉ's most recent credits include Boardwalk Empire on HBO, Inside Amy Schumer and The Ruckus on Comedy Central, Nickmom Night Out and Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV. NORE is always perfecting his act. Look out for this rising star, as he reinvents comedy one laugh at a time.
    Simon Cadel
    Simon Cadel
    When it comes to comedy, size doesn’t matter.

    Simon Cadel started performing stand-up comedy at 11-years old and at the ripe, old age of 14 is making a big name for himself.

    He’s been described as a comedian who “happens to be a kid,” not a “kid comedian.” His material is smart, observational, and high-energy. When you watch his shows you can see that he draws inspiration from some of his favorite comics: Brian Regan, Demitri Martin and Jim Gaffigan.

    He was featured in his own 45-minute show as Caroline’s Breakout Artist in February.

    He regularly performs all over NYC alongside some of the most hilarious and established adult comedians around, at Caroline’s Comedy Club, The Comic Strip Live, NY Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy, and Levity Live.
    The Noisy Tenants
    The Noisy Tenants
    Imagine the grunge garage sound of Nirvana combined with the 80's vocals of Madonna and punk rock feel of Pat Benatar with a side of Weezer and England's alternative rock duo The Blood Red Shoes.

    The Noisy Tenants (TNT) are knocking down a door near you. With grunge rock songs/lyrics by Emily Carmen (vocals, guitar and electric violin) brought to life with the catchy beats and rhythms of drummer Joe Boccagno & bassist Adam Stabile, TNT combines the 90's grunge rock scene with the 80s punk rock to bring a modern edge to the nostalgic rock grunge sounds of the past we all know and love.

    So why "The Noisy Tenants"?
    Rehearsing and writing with headsets while playing a "silent" electronic drum kit and guitar in an apartment setting is a tricky way to work with loud grunge "garage sound" rock music.

    Despite all attempts to be as quiet as possible, it wasn't enough to keep fellow tenants from writing a two page hand written letter about the duo's music signing the letter: "Sincerely a Tenant."

    After joking about naming the band after that incident, "The Noisy Tenants" was rightfully named.
    "No single concentration of power could force conformity. Free inquiry became possible. They were beyond the frontiers of the empires."

    Ionia is a Indie hard rock band hailing from New York City comprised of five socially and economically conscious musicians who are dedicated to their craft and determined to bring their sound to the masses. With powerful songs like "They Look Like Big Strong Hands Don't They" and "Captain Humility" Ionia has been gaining national attention and a burgeoning fan base.
    Carlos A. Gonzalez
    Not your stereotypical Latino! Although his name is common, there is nothing common about this Colombian-born, New York-bred actor and comedian. Carlos, who was carefully saran wrapped, packaged and snuck through U.S. customs, has brought his brand of humor to give those laughter addicts their fix, exploding onto the scene as a multifaceted bilingual artist.

    You may have seen Carlos on such hit shows as HBO's “Sex & the City”, NBC's “Law and Order” and abc’s “NYPD Blue”. He’s also been on MTV Tr3s’s “Entertainment as a Second Language” and is currently playing the recurring role of officer Garcia on abc’s “One Life To Live”. From comedy to soap operas, Carlos continues to display his strong talent and his range for television, film and the stage.
    Venue Information:
    Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre
    145 Westchester Avenue
    Port Chester, NY, 10573