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  • Color Tongue

    Fueled by Lagunitas

    Color Tongue

    Skyfactor, Gilbert

    Thu, June 21, 2018

    Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

    Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre

    Port Chester, NY


    This event is 21 and over


    Color Tongue
    Color Tongue
    Color Tongue, an experimental quartet from Brooklyn, write songs that are as much bookmarks as they are weather forecasts; emotional meteorology. For the last three years, they’ve been exploring the corners of their attention, trying to figure out what makes them tick. Introspection meets aspiration, their sweet spot is pursuit. Their newest album 'Bealing Bells' is more chronic than chronological, a collection of disparate songs written across several months.

    ‘Bealing Bells’ is a three track EP that depicts the uneven growth of life. It’s a non-linear love song to our other selves. The album’s opener ‘Adult Lessons’ says good-bye to the potential of adolescence and hello to the questions that lie ahead. Adult life is deeper, longer, and more difficult. Gone are the societal milestones of youth, if you want meaning you’ve got to build it. The album reaches its peak with ‘Over The Moon’, a gonzo love note resurrected from the wastebasket. The track starts off as a playful diary entry and crescendos to the desperate plea of an alien: ’Come walk with me’ over and over again until it's conclusion. The final track “Feathers” closes the album on a more hopeful note. It's a confident stride out of the nest and into the abyss. It’s a mating call for maturity itself. Striving for acceptance of that which we cannot control, appreciation of the now, and finding joy in the unknown.

    Color Tongue have been eagerly awaiting the release of their sophomore EP. A follow up to last Fall’s ethereal ‘Us And The Bugs’, a 15-minute audio/visual farmhouse opera. ‘Bealing Bells’ strikes a more serious tone. Unlike their last record, which was written and recorded in two days on a farm, this one was crafted over the course of a few months and recorded in-studio during the dreary New York City winter. It's more examination than exploration, this record is more thoughtful. Color Tongue's latest release is an ode to the changing of seasons, in both climate and life.
    After a full year in the studio and countless performances later, New York City’s own SKYFACTOR is back with a brand new album, A THOUSAND SOUNDS. This collection of 11 songs truly represents the acoustic-based rock/pop quartet in its finest form yet, thanks to an even deeper level of songwriting and an ever-growing soundscape.

    From the country-ish stomp of the title track to straight-ahead rockers like “Long Way To Go” and “The Whole World’s Here”, to the gravitas of meaningful cuts such as “Better for the Moment”, “Lost At Sea” and “What We Had”, the album is full of hooks at every turn, while always staying fresh and unique.

    Available now on all streaming services as well as good ol’ CD (remember those?), response from fans worldwide has been nothing short of electric so far. Local radio has begun to play the lead single “A Thousand Sounds”, which features guest backing vocals from Ninja Sex Party frontman and Game Grumps YouTube star Dan Avidan (a.k.a. “Danny Sexbang”).

    Always a force to reckon with live, the band kicked off their tour schedule with the official THOUSAND SOUNDS album release show at NYC’s famed Cutting Room, and is gearing up for a slew of high-profile shows this spring and summer, including legendary NYC venues The Bitter End and The Mercury Lounge, plus a very special performance Saturday May 11th at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.

    Formed on a rooftop in the East Village of New York City over a decade ago, SKYFACTOR was born when the musical paths of longtime friends Bob Ziegler and Jason Taylor (formerly of Michigan’s Brother Rabbit) and brothers Jon Rubin and Cliff Rubin (formerly of NYC’s Sky Blues) finally crossed. Almost instantly the songs started flowing, and they knew they were on to something.

    Their debut album Daydreams received much critical acclaim and notice, including that of MTV’s hit show Teen Mom, who chose the track “OK” as their season 2 finale theme, resulting in thousands of downloads and streams from around the world. The band then honed its musical chemistry and style for Signal Strength, which further spotlighted personal, insightful lyrics backed by a big acoustic guitar and one very powerful rhythm section. The guys even had a song from the album prominently (and humorously) featured on Adult Swim’s Eric Andre Show, resulting in even more buzz for the band.

    Cut to 2019 and just one listen to A THOUSAND SOUNDS proves these guys know how to craft memorable and powerful songs that grab you from the get-go -- and won’t let go. SKYFACTOR’s simple but effective melodies combine with edgy dynamics to take the listener on a ride each and every time.

    A THOUSAND SOUNDS – and all of SKYFACTOR’s music - can be found on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon, as well as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. Reviews, tour dates, new merch and plenty of music videos can be found at www.skyfactormusic.com
    GILBERT is a band from Westchester, New York, whose sound is rock with soul/funk influences. Tara Curran’s powerful and soulful vocals will let you know from the first note that they mean business. Their live show has an undefinable quality that keeps you on the edge of your seat, or on your feet, fully engaged from the beginning of their set until the end.

    They have performed at various New York venues, including: Paramount Hudson Valley, The Winery at St. George, Hudson Valley Expo, Rockwood Music Hall and on the TV show Wonderama. Catch them at the Pleasantville Music Festival on the Party Stage this year! They play rock/soul/funk covers and original music.

    Tara Curran - vocals, Justin Giacchetto - guitar, Wilson Yarnall - bass, Eddie Fiscella - keys, Owen Hughes - drums
    Venue Information:
    Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre
    145 Westchester Avenue
    Port Chester, NY, 10573