Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors

Lavender Diamond

Tue, September 25, 2012

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Capitol Theatre

Port Chester, NY

$30 Advance / $35 Day of Show

This event is 16 and over

This event will have a general admission standing room only floor and a reserved seated Loge and Balcony. Reserved Loge and Balcony tickets will NOT have access to the general admission floor.

Dirty Projectors
Dirty Projectors
Beyond the aughts-era duality of retromania and neophilia, David Longstreth has found the beautiful, generous simplicity of the heart and soul. Same as it ever was. And this must be exactly the place where he's planted the seeds for his band's finest album to date.

"It's an album of songs, an album of songwriting," says Longstreth.

Another reinvention in a career defined by reinvention, "Swing Lo Magellan" does what no Dirty Projectors album has done before: It's about songs. Few songwriters can pull off the challenge to write as simple and direct as possible, and fewer still can do it and be left with something that feels irreducibly personal and idiosyncratic. "Swing Lo Magellan" gives us 12 such songs, one after another.

The album contains some of the biggest choruses of the band's career (the explosive and anthemic "Offspring Are Blank" and "Unto Caesar"), as well as some of simplest and most disarming (the closer "Irresponsible Tune"). "Gun Has No Trigger" is a fever dream of ecstatic paranoia, while "Dance for You" is a song of searching, spiritual depth ("in the language of Gyptian and Ligeti," Longstreth suggests). The tender love declared in "Impregnable Question" would have resonated in any musical era of the last hundred years. The title track, "Swing Lo Magellan," is a gorgeous lament to the night sky. Amber Coffman's solo turn on "The Socialites" adds a compelling new layer to her persona. Each of these songs is a world unto itself – one that can be explored endlessly. Indeed, "Swing Lo Magellan" feels so unique in the context of much of today's music because it is more about its content than about its frame and reference. It's more heart than sleeve.

Dirty Projectors was formed in 2003 by David Longstreth, using the moniker to release wildly imaginative albums spanning guitar-based experimental song, scored composition, electronic music, hardcore, and medieval vocal polyphony. The early years of the band featured an evolving cast of musicians, eventually solidifying around Longstreth (vocals & guitar), Amber Coffman (vocals & guitar), Nat Baldwin (bass), Angel Deradoorian (vocals and keyboard) and Brian McOmber (drums). Haley Dekle (vocals) joined in 2009. 2009's Bitte Orca was Dirty Projectors' breakout moment, landing them on almost every Album of the Year list in the country and bringing them to five continents over two years. 2009 saw the band collaborating with David Byrne and the Roots, appearing on "Late Show with David Letterman" and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," as well as playing myriad club shows and international festivals. In 2010, the band collaborated with Björk on the "Mount Wittenberg Orca" EP, which generated more than $60,000 for a "National Geographic" endeavor to preserve wild ocean reefs. They also presented the 2005 album "The Getty Address" with 20-piece chamber ensemble Alarm Will Sound at Lincoln Center in New York, the Barbican in London and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, as well as selling out New York's 3,000-capacity Terminal 5. At the dawn of 2011, Longstreth began writing songs for the band's next LP.

The songs of "Swing Lo Magellan" are culled from a sprawling 12 months of constant writing and recording in a weird house in Delaware County, N.Y. (four hours northwest of the city). Longstreth, who produced and mixed, wrote 70 new songs and beats. The band—Amber Coffman (vocals & guitar), Nat Baldwin (bass), Brian McOmber (drums) & Haley Dekle (vocals)—often joined him, rehearsing the new music more or less constantly in the house's A-frame attic. (Vocalist Angel Deradoorian is on hiatus). The 12 songs of "Swing Lo Magellan" were winnowed down from about 40 finished demos. The finished recordings bear the impress of this informal working style: the album is a collection of moments: accidental, fortuitous, spontaneous. The performances feel warm and imperfect. Unguarded intimacy is somewhat of a new look for this band, and it turns out it's a very good look.

The sound of this album is totally unique—with an aesthetic that explodes in two directions at once. The grain of the voices and live-in-the-room quality of the amps contrast the rich orchestral layering of Longstreth's arrangements for contemporary ensemble yMusic, the warmth of the bass and the sheen and blast of the beat programming.

"Swing Lo Magellan" is an album that comes from the hearts of one of the most fearlessly cerebral bands of the last 10 years. The album has both the handmade intimacy of a love letter and the widescreen grandeur of a blockbuster, and if that sounds like a paradox—it's because it was until now.
Lavender Diamond
Lavender Diamond
Produced by OK GO's Damian Kulash, Jr., mixed by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, MGMT) and featuring strings by the Calder Quartet, Lavender Diamond's Incorruptible Heart is a sublime, soaring art-pop record. Pop in the biggest sense of the word — a record made for everyone - more songs in the cosmic key of love.

Incorruptible Heart matches Stark's angelic, multi-octave voice with a dynamic range of styles. The eclectic spectrum includes a song for belting out the blues ("I Don't Recall"); for the dreamscape of dawn ("Teach Me How to Waken"); for the end of the world ("Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now"); for reconnecting with the world ("Forgive"); for the edge of the Void (the desolate "Come Home"); and a song for a choir of angels ("Oh My Beautiful World").

On top of that, the record also features an unexpected dance number, calling to mind the magic of Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer ("Light My Way"). "Perfect Love," a silly, unapologetic lovesong, features guitar work by M. Ward, vocals by producer Damian Kulash, and tap-dancing rhythmic accompaniment by Stark. The album's epic, psychedelic landscape closes with the sweeping anthem "All the Stars."

Like the album's central theme and title, the songs themselves often transform from frailty to strength or grace. Working with Kulash and Fridmann, Lavender Diamond—singer Becky Stark, classical composer Steve Gregoropolous on piano, cartoonist Ron Regé, Jr. on drums and Jeff Rosenberg on guitar—transcend genre, song form and style by finding the simple, perfect core of each song.

Incorruptible Heart is Los Angeles-based Lavender Diamond's third release, following 2004's The Cavalry of Light EP and 2007's Imagine Our Love LP (produced by Thom Monahan - Devendra Banhart, Vetiver, Pernice Brothers). Both recordings were critically acclaimed and earned the band a devoted following of fans and admirers.

# # #

In the interim, Stark joined the Decemberists for a year, singing the role of Margaret on their concept album The Hazards of Love and subsequent tours. Stark also toured with Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward as part of She & Him; performs and records with John C. Reilly (their 7-inch single was produced by Jack White for his Third Man Records label in 2011); made the Living Sisters' debut album Love to Live with L.A. singer-songwriter friends Inara George and Eleni Mandell, for which Michel Gondry directed the comedic disaster video for "How Are You Doing?"; wrote choral music for the fantasy film City of Ember; and acted in several films, including a lead role in Flood Streets, a post-Katrina New Orleans drama with Harry Shearer. Stark also conceived and co-founded the beloved L.A. Ladies Choir. More recently Stark has formed the band Courage with comedian, actress and musician Charlyne Yi (House, Knocked Up and Paper Heart). Stark is also a co-creator of Worldword, an animation series with healing and uplifting messages, premiering on MTV for the upcoming revival of Liquid Television.

Since Imagine Our Love, Steve Gregoropolous has composed his second symphony, a second serenade for strings and a piece of choral music. He continues to perform with his band W.A.C.O. and is a member of The Grabs with singer Eleni Mandell and original Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison.

Ron Regé, Jr., who designs Lavender Diamond's art – including Incorruptible Heart's cover - has recently completed The Cartoon Utopia, a150-page illustrated textbook on the nature of the sacred mysteries, to be published by legendary comics imprint Fantagraphics Books in the fall of 2012.
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The Capitol Theatre
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