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  • November 8th, 2017

    A Guaranteed Authentic Zeppelin Experience Every Single Time

    Often regarded as the greatest rock and roll band to grace the planet, Led Zeppelin has given us some of the greatest riffs and lyrics that modern music can conjure. Almost 50 years after their breakthrough, tribute acts like Get The Led Out carry on their legacy to legions of fans, both old and new, by crafting a completely authentic live sound and experience. We had the chance to interview lead vocalist Paul Sinclair. Check it out and come join us this Saturday, November 11. Tickets on sale now!

    1. Looking at your sets, Get The Led Out has been able to play 65 different songs from the Led Zeppelin catalogue, which is legions ahead of most Zeppelin tribute acts. What has been the biggest challenge of both mastering their deep and rich catalogue as well honing in on their sound?

    Yeah, there are only 10 songs from Zeppelin’s studio albums (prior to John Bonham’s death) that we haven’t yet performed. This allows us to change the set list with every show, keeping it fresh for us as well as the fans! I believe the biggest challenge IS “honing in on their sound.” It’s one thing to play the notes or sing the words, but it’s the nuance with which they performed their parts that contains the magic. Trying to replicate and impart another musician’s “feel” can seem an impossible task. We welcome it! There is something incredibly satisfying about performing such beloved music when you find yourself as emotionally moved as the audience!

    2. Approaching your 15th anniversary, do you find any changes in the way you’ve been playing the songs throughout the past decade and a half and if so, what are those changes?

    It’s always been about bringing the songs to life in concert the way we all know them from the albums. So with that as the goal, I’d say the changes are that we’re a hell of a lot closer than we were 15 years ago!

    3. What would you say has been the hardest song to master in Zeppelin’s discography and what about it makes it difficult to play in a live setting?

    I believe each one of us in GTLO would have a different answer, but as a group I’d say Achilles Last Stand sticks out to me. Working up the song I think we all found that the length of the song (10:28), and repetition of the parts made it particularly challenging. I remember getting six minutes in and losing our place on a number of occasions in the early days. As with performing any of these songs live, getting distracted by the audience and forgetting if you’re in verse 8 or 9 is really the only difficult thing.

    4.With so many different Led Zeppelin tribute acts touring today, what would you say is the distinguishing factor that makes Get The Led Out the most authentic Led Zeppelin going today?

    There are others? Ha! Just kidding. I guess it depends on your definition of “authentic.” The other Zep shows that we are aware of either do the impersonator thing where they dress and perform as Zeppelin did, with the long improvisational jams, etc… , or they do their own take on it (maybe the singer is doing the studio melody, but the band is performing a version from Madison Square Garden 1973?).

    We are the only Zep show dedicated to bringing these songs to life the way we all know them from the albums, radio, parties, your sister’s bedroom, etc… If you’re looking for the most authentic from the studio… then GTLO is your band!

    5. Seeing that Robert Plant has played The Cap’s stage several times, how does it feel to be performing on the same stage as the legend himself?

    I find the whole thing incredibly humbling. As a result of this gig we find ourselves on stages all around the country where the icons we grew up with have played, and some continue to play! To get a Ticketmaster alert that says “Don’t miss Get The Led Out” next to Joe Walsh, The Steve Miller Band, Peter Frampton, Robert Plant, etc… is particularly thrilling to me because at the end of the day I’m just a big kid who loves rock and roll!